Tuesday, January 20, 2009

When you reach the mountain: offer the gods their reward

Living in a liberal city and working in a major mission of social justice, many of my co-workers were celebrating this day. We, in fact, had a formal celebration from 11 to about 12:30 or so - everyone was invited to watch the inauguration on our big screen with pizza and refreshments.

Knowing tomorrow, Obama is going to begin his tenure by offering unborn children to their slaughter, I couldn't participate.

I boycotted the Olympics this year for humanitarian reasons too. I have a problem with putting up fake fronts on the sweat shops, the forced abortions and prohibitions on practicing Christianity - like it all doesn't exist as we walk by it to attend the sporting events.

Perhaps this is rumor - I hope that it is. But the compass of Obama's appointments points to a human rights issue with this administration and I just couldn't muster up a reason to attend with my coworkers, whom I cherish. I knew my absence would be glaring, my presence missed and I didn't want to be a sourpuss - but I couldn't do it. I did pray for his safety and our country and I was delighted with the Pope's message and blessing.

I went down after it was over to grab a few refreshments to be pleasant and friendly - and one of our V.P.'s lifted a glass to me and said "here is to our difference of opinion and still loving each other". Which we all do. I am going to a few celebrations after work with them this week - but I told them I was wearing my Jeb Bush in 2012 t-shirt...and I do have a picture of the same on my office door.


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