Friday, June 12, 2009

Bill Cotter of Boston Operation Rescue makes a statement on Caritas Abortions

THU, JUN 11 -- Baby saved from abortion (# 50) today at Boston's Planned Parenthood

Today's Boston Globe article on Caritas and cardinal's statement

Cardinal O'Malley's statement
on Caritas & CeltiCare

It should be self-evident that the archdiocese's statement does not refute the assertion that the arrangement is not a moral one. A key sentence in the statement is the following: Mr. Ralph de la Torre, President of Caritas Christi, stated that "when a patient seeks such a procedure, Caritas healthcare professionals will be clear that (a) the hospital does not perform them and (b) the patient must turn to his or her insurer for further guidance."
Why "must" a patient be directed to "her insurer for further guidance"?? Especially when the insurer is CeltiCare, which has contracted with Planned Parenthood to kill children? What "guidance" do you think they might offer?

Why wouldn't women be directed to the Archdiocese's Pregnancy Help?

Also unaddressed in the statement is the fact that the archdiocese sought this partnership with Centene / CeltiCare, and sought the contract with the state, which was awarded on the condition that the partnership commit to child killing! In exchange, the partners are paid fees by the state.

Caritas is not absolved because only its partner is directly involved with the killing. Not so, in partnerships each individual party completely liable for the harm brought about by either individual party, especially where there is prior intent. And even if money for an abortion is funneled from the state to Planned Parenthood with no cut for Caritas / CeltiCare, the fact that their contract with the state -- and thus revenue from the state -- can only exist because they agreed to play a role in abortion means that they are sharing in the financial gain produced by sin.

The Boston Archdiocese's Caritas Christi Health Care has a 49% interest in CeltiCare, which contracts with Planned Parenthood to provide abortions for referrals from Caritas Christi hospitals. Priests and laity of the Archdiocese of Boston occasionally picket, pray and counsel at Planned Parenthood abortion clinics in the Boston area (such as in the above picture). Will they be doing their activity when referrals from Caritas Christi hospitals come to or are in those clinics?

(Note, these warriors for life have save 50 children this year from being aborted!)

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