Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cardinal O'Malley's Fata Morgana

The public argument between Vatican officials and the archdiocese of Olinda and Recife over the abortion of the twins of a nine-year-old rape victim in Brazil continues as the archdiocese today distributed a legal memorandum to Vatican officials, detailing what the local Church in Brazil did and attempted to do to help the girl.

The memorandum, says the head of the Rome office of Human Life International, is likely an attempt to find an “amicable and Christian solution” to the conflict in order to avoid a canonical lawsuit against Archbishop Salvatore Fisichella, head of the Pontifical Academy for Life. Monsignore Ignacio Barreiro told, “It is the Christian thing to do, to try to find an amicable solution before you go to trial.”

The six-page memorandum, written in Italian and signed on each page by Marcio Miranda, the attorney for the archdiocese, was distributed today to over a hundred Curial officials of the Vatican administration. It lays out in detail everything that was done by archdiocesan officials in Olinda and Recife, including by the girl’s parish priest, to attempt to help her and avoid the abortion of her twin children.

In his article, published on March 15th in the Vatican’s newspaper L’Osservatore Romano, Archbishop Fisichella said that Recife's Archbishop Jose Cardoso Sobrinho's announcement of the excommunication of the doctors who had procured the abortion, had been “hasty,” and that the diocese had done nothing to help the girl.

I've not been following this story, sadly exposing the battle against truth and life going on inside the Vatican's Pontifical Academy for Life.

Bravo to those who exposed this coven at the Vatican.

Controlling the spin in the newspapers is part of the mendacity of corrupt inside of the Catholic Church.

Speaking of spin, that coming from the Chancery in Boston - published by those who are not activists for life willing to dig until they get the truth - reveals a level of corruption that is mind boggling. You can't expect Michael Paulson and Kay Lazar at the Globe to understand the tenets of the Catholic religion and thereby have an epiphany of the willful, deliberate deceptions - but we can't get the facts published. Paulson knows enough about religion to know what "theologians" have a long history of dissent against the Church's tenets and he knows theologians who are faithful. When a Cardinal is backing his ventures with those who have a long history of espousing heresies, the light should dawn on the head.

What does EWTN have to say about this? George Weigel? Robbie George?

This is what needs to be published:

Can a Catholic Cardinal bid on a contract that includes performing abortions, give written assurances they will either perform them or contract with people outside of their network to perform them, create an entity to send the women to the abortionists and take 49% ownership in that entity who then hires subcontractors to perform abortions, hires bilingual phone operators who will give the woman the number of the abortionists they've subcontracted, tell their employees at the hospital to give the number out of their 49% owned corporation?

What level of ownership interest they can take in the set up that would make the arrangement consistent with the Gospel of Life and Catholic theology?

After they have set this all up, can they then submit a revision of a partnership agreement to reduce their interests to 3% ownership in the arrangement?

1% ownership in the arrangement?

After you bid on a contract that compels you to promise to perform abortions and you promise in writing to perform them - what is the structure in a corporation that the Cardinal can claim his arrangement meets compliance with Catholic ethics?

What kind of advice is a Cardinal hoping to get when he places NARAL on his advisory Board in his partnership? After bidding on abortions, promising to contract with people to perform them and creating the corporate structure to flow the contracts, women and money through?

"Caritas" is a fata morgana. We now need to know need to talk about the Cardinal's bussines "CeltiCare". What are they doing and how does it comport with Humanae Vitae and Evangelium Vitae?

If you haven't seen the Cardinal's blog this week - do check it out.

This man losing sleep over his arrangement that will harm souls, kill children, perform moral evils upon the poor, and wipe out the vocations of any practicing Catholic who wants to go into medicine?


They are not going to get away with it. The army for life in Boston will to go to every parish and inform every parishioner in the diocese to expose the Cardinal's deception.


Linda said...

On this Holy Sunday remembering Our Lord's gift to us of Himself I only wish to pray for the cardinal and for all of us. Please, Holy Spirit, touch the hearts that appear to be made of stone.

Here we have babies being sold for how many pieces of silver?

God help us all. Mary, Queen of Peace, pray for us.

Anonymous said...

Carol, Thank you for continuing to hold the archdiocese's actions up to public scrutiny. I see Judy Brown of the American Life League is quoting you in her official reply to the Cardinal's Friday statement.

Carol McKinley said...

Thanks for the support - and prayers!