Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Cardinal and Caritas close to closing another deal that will require outsourcing abortions, sterilizations, family Planning

As previously mentioned, in addition to the contract to provide abortions through "CeltiCare", Cardinal O'Malley and Caritas have been in negotiations to purchase Landmark Medical Center in Rhode Island.

This will be the second business arrangement that will involve the Catholic Cardinal's agreement to subcontract parties to perform moral evils.

The mysterious pot of money in a corporation that is supposedly broke is apparently not limited to the previously reported 70 million they're spending on IT.

The financially strapped Caritas Christi Health Care hospital system is negotiating to buy the Landmark Medical Center, a 214-bed community hospital in Woonsocket, R.I., that has been in court-appointed receivership for a year. Massachusetts and Rhode Island regulators say they will take a hard look at the potential merger.

Officials at Caritas Christi and Landmark declined to confirm that a deal is close. “We have looked at Landmark Medical Center, as many others have, and have not yet decided whether we are interested in pursuing a relationship with them,’’ said Caritas Christi spokeswoman Teresa Prego. A merger would require Landmark to become a Catholic hospital.

While the hospital doesn’t perform abortions, Thundermist does offer family planning and sterilization at Landmark and would have to find other relationships to continue providing those services if the hospital is acquired by Caritas Christi, Montanaro said.

Any more questions about whether O'Malley has been upfront and truthful?

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