Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Catholic Action League: Five Caritas Board Members Support Proabortion Pols

The Catholic Action League released a statement today with findings that indicate that five of the nine Board members of Caritas Christi have a history of contributing to politicians who work to advance abortion policies.



Since February, Caritas Christi Health Care --- the network of six Catholic hospitals affiliated with the Archdiocese of Boston --- has been enmeshed in a controversy over its decision to seek a state health insurance contract which requires abortion coverage. Today, the Catholic Action League of Massachusetts revealed that five of the nine members of the Board of Governors of Caritas Christi have been major contributors to political figures who support legal abortion.

Using information gathered from the Federal Election Commission and the Massachusetts Office of Campaign and Political Finance, the League disclosed the following:

* Longtime Caritas Chairman James J. Karam contributed a total of more than $19,000 among the campaigns of President Barrack Obama; Secretary of State Hillary Clinton; US Senator John Kerry; Governor Deval Patrick; former Vice President Al Gore; Congressmen Barney Frank and Jim McGovern; former Lt. Governor Kerry Murphy-Healey; former Attorney General Thomas F. Reilly and State Senator Joan Menard.

* Caritas board member Joseph H. Feitelberg, Area Chair for the Order of Malta, contributed a total of more than $8,000 among the campaigns of John Kerry; Deval Patrick; Kerry Murphy-Healey; and Congressmen Barney Frank, Patrick Kennedy and Jim McGovern.

* Caritas board member Neil F. Finnegan contributed a total of more than $19,000 among the campaigns of Vice President Joe Biden; US Senators Christopher Dodd, Edward Kennedy and John Kerry; Congressmen Michael Capuano, Patrick Kennedy and Edward Markey; Boston Mayor Thomas Menino; and former State Treasurer Shannon O’Brien.

* Caritas board member John H. Garvey, Dean of Boston College Law School, contributed $1,750 to John Kerry.

* Caritas board member Ruben J. King-Shaw Jr., contributed $10,000 to Barrack Obama.

The Catholic Action League called the contributions “further compelling evidence of the indifference and infidelity to Catholic moral teaching which apparently permeates the leadership of Caritas Christi.”

Catholic Action League Executive Director C. J. Doyle stated: “No one should be surprised that Caritas Christi is prepared to participate in a state contract requiring abortion coverage, when the leadership of the organization is willing to subsidize and perpetuate the careers of politicians who believe that abortion should be legal, publicly funded and unrestricted. Cardinal O'Malley must use his veto power to insist that Caritas Christi withdraw from the Commonwealth Care contract, and withdraw from CeltiCare .”


Anonymous said...

Must be a Conspiracy & Cardinal Sean has been caught in the middle, he's only out is to CLEAN OUT!

Anonymous said...

Make sure Judy Brown, etc., are aware of these findings. Send them to Lifesite and American Papist.

M. Alexander said...

Very, very telling.