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Caritas Abortions: Eleventh Hour Appeal

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June 20, 2009


Dr. Haas, Fr. Tad,

In light of the National Catholic Register's story this week, I wanted to make an eleventh hour appeal to both of you.
What is absolutely clear from the information reported is that the deal, as it exists on paper right now and as it was structured to function once operations commence on July 1, is unquestionably (and now admitted by the Archdiocese to be) contrary to the teaching of the Church. What is also clear is that no amount of "renegotiating" the contract can cure the immorality, because (a) the new entity will be performing immoral services and (b) Caritas owns 49% of the new entity and therefore will benefit from the immoral services, no matter how much Caritas distances itself from the actual performance of those services. Nevertheless, it is evident that the Archdiocese intends to proceed with this deal, after making some cosmetic changes to disguise what is really going on.

"Caritas" has taken a partner to infuse cash, taken a 49% interest in the new corporation, disguised themselves under the name CeltiCare, hired the abortionists, hired bilingual people to man the phone lines to give out the number of the abortionists they've hired, compeled employees of Caritas to stop guiding patients with Catholic doctrine and instead give out the phone numbers of their CeltiCare employees, placed Planned Parenthood and NARAL as their advisory board in this arrangement whom they've promised to give spying priveleges of Catholic employees (if necessary inside of examination rooms) to ensure "compliance".

It appears from the story, that Rev. Hehir is assisting in the theological interpretation of the Caritas Contract. I wanted to state, once again, for the public record that Rev. J. Bryan Hehir is a dissenter of Humanae Vitae and Evangelium Vitae and that he is working with several colleagues at the Kennedy School of Government who are notorious avengers of Catholic teachings and the Catholic Church. If you perform due diligence, you will find this group worked to elect Oama and are now using their various appointments to assist in carrying out the attack against the Catholic Church in America - all while wearing the virtuous veil of "helping the poor". "Helping the poor" was used by their political predecessors throughout history in every other country that has fallen to communism, socialism and every other imprisonment and oppression against the final frontier of religious freedoms now rapidly deteriorating in the United States.

"Caritas" has bid on a contract that compels carrying out moral evils upon the unchatechized, the unsuspecting, the economically depressed and women emotionally distraught by their unplanned20pregnancy and having irrational thoughts about "what to do". "Caritas" has promised, in writing, that they will either find somebody within the "Caritas" network who agrees to carry the moral evils out or they will hire subcontractors to carry out the moral evils, send the patients there to have them performed and complete those transactions by paying for them from the pot of money this lucrative contract brings to "Caritas".

We initially hoped the National Catholic Bioethics Center was tapped, in good faith, to theologically index the list of reasons why the Cardinal must block the venture. Least among these reasons, the realiztion that the Catholic Cardinal has got to find "somebody" to do the abortions, he's got to find a way to paper the trail so that he can send the women there and then pay for those services (less the patient's co-pay) - - and how he cannot spiritually exploit all these people because their birth certificates don't have the name "Caritas" on them. We had fervently hoped that any opinion coming from the NCBC legally defines "what" and "who" are "Caritas"?
(The papers at the Secretary of State's Office? The Cardinal? The Board of Directors?)

We also hoped that the NCBC will not dishonestly leave out of their evaluation the out most important "Caritas" corporation in this "venture" - the one carrying out this contract, "CeltiCare" -- whether what actually happen s to all the "people" involved, i.e., whether "CeltiCare's" contracts with abortionists violates
‘Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services’, whether "CeltiCare's" phone lines where operators give out the numbers to the people are "referrals" and whether a Catholic Cardinal (or any other Catholic in the United States) can enter into a contract that includes moral evils and then hire people to perform those moral evils when they don't want to sin themselves.

This, theologically, is the question you are answering - Can Catholics, when we are faced with economic hardships, accept contracts that bind us to perform moral evilas and then hire people to perform those moral evils? Can we invest in the abortion industry, embryonic stem-cell industry or prostitution in Nevada?

We know that you know the answers to these questions. Why are we three months later without the answers?

Finally, in Mr. de la Torre's open letter to Obama published in Business Week in January of 2009 (, he positing questions about "defining access" in a "complete overhaul of our healthcare model", he asks the following questions:
Should the elderly and the very poor continue to have access that others do not? Does "access" define all medical care without reservation?"

Do we want to shoulder the tremendous costs of medicine that meet the very highest standards?"

What should be the goals for infant mortality, cancer survival rates, and other such metrics?"

Sadly, these questions and others in the thesis leave the discinct impression that the interests in "serving the poor" will end should any of them become old enough or sick enough to be in the negative columns in the Caritas cash cow financials. I'm underwhelmed by the virtues of the servitudes to the poor implied therein.

Fr. Tad, Dr. Haas, I feel it is my baptismal duty to plead with you in this eleventh hour: Walk away from the table before you scramble and confuse the teachings of the Church to give Rev. Hehir the paper to cover up the spiritual and physical atrocities inherent in this contract. The scandal it will create (and has created) to the Cardinal, to the Church, to the trust of Catholics who know that20you know that there is no conceivable arrangement that will comport this contract with Catholic teachings and the Cardinal must block the venture.

From the ashes of the systemic flaw that responded to salacious crimes against children by getting opinions that swept what was really happening under the carpets, you cannot be the vehicle for this arrangement. I implore you, in the Name of Jesus Christ, to walk away - no matter what the personal and professional cost. Dust your sandals and get out of town and let those actions speak for themselves.

In the service of Christ,
Carol M. McKinley

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Excellent, you speak for me & many mnay others!