Saturday, June 20, 2009

The National Catholic Reporter on the Capuchin Abortion Contract

The Cardinal has Michael Sean Winters in his corner (gulp).

National Catholic Reporter is out in cyberspace trying to put fires out for the Cardinal with a blogger from the bastion of jesuit think tanks, America Magazine. Here we were thinking Hehir and the Harvard University Kennedy School of Government were fresh out of thought provoking theology.

The Boston Globe’s Michael Paulson interviewed a group of moral theologians on the issues involved in delivering health care in a society whose legal and moral framework often differs from that of the Church. The survey makes for fascinating reading.

Of course, you don't need an expert to tell you that concerns about Cardinal O'Malley’s commitment to the church's teachings are misplaced, especially when it comes to abortion. He is among the most forceful advocates of the pro-life cause in the hierarchy today. And, as for following the teaching of the church, even when it is complicated, O'Malley never deviates from his episcopal motto: Quod Cumque Dixerit Facite. Do Whatever He Tells You. I can understand why the Catholic Action League is concerned about abortion, but I cannot understand why they are all in a lather about their cardinal.

He was responding to CJ's quote:

"Cardinal O'Malley came to Boston with a reputation for being pro-life," C.J. Doyle of the Catholic Action League told me. "But, some of his actions are difficult to reconcile with that. It is hard to put a charitable interpretation on it."

I replied to "Michael Sean Winters"

Welcome out from under the rock. While you were there, we all learned quite a few lessons about corruption and lying inside of Chanceries. What CJ is talking about, is that what comes out of the Cardinal's mouth and then what he actually does, are two different things.

Yes, the Cardinal's motto is, 'do whatever he tells you'. Sadly, he puts all those theologians you mention, who divert the crowds in the pews from fidelity to the teachings of the Church in charge and then he tells the people to "do whatever they tell you". While the pandemonium in the pews plays itself out, he thinks his own holiness and fidelity to Church teachings is going to buy him a seat in Heaven.

The lather about the Cardinal is, he's executing a contract to perform moral evils upon people and hired other people to do them - and, he's lied about whether or not this dynamic is faithful to the Church's teachings.

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