Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Caritas Abortions: Where The Rubber Meets the Road

Take a moment to view the reactions in the comments section to the CNA story on the Cardinal's pro-life "affirmation".

Pretty much across the board, the Cardinal's statement just did not fly.

In the last comment posted,"Mary" asks where's the groundswell of prolifers banging the drum in front of the Bishop's Cathedral with a sign in our hands.

The answer to that is, the Cardinal has said if the venture can't be reconciled with Catholic teaching he would "block it". Since the venture can not possibly be reconciled with Catholic teaching, they're assuming, any minute now, he'll announce the blockade with the opinion of the National Catholic Bioethics Center.

Like any activist community - there are a number of people on the ground who are extremely active in chasing down facts and then there are people who will move once they're given them. Most of the prolife movement in the pews is unaware that the contract was actually signed, money has changed hands and the thing is full speed ahead.

I'm going to predict that if we don't see a reversal of the contract, which at this point is going to be a legal breach, Cardinal O'Malley's tenure in Boston is going to dramatically change. We have plans to ensure that every parishioner in every parish get their hands on the charade. Then, we are going to put a choke on the money, their benefactors, their oxygen.

The Vatican is well aware of the situation through various sources and they had ample time to pour over the details and put the kibosh on it. They're aware of the deliberate deceptions and stonewalling, the publicity stunts to undermine the credibility put on by the Cardinal himself.

If they don't put the kibosh on this - with all the Bishops, lay people and folks in the Roman Curia with the evidence in their hand, there's something screwy going on.

They've spent the last five years trying to convince us that they're sincere about protecting children against salacious crimes. This is where the rubber meets the road.

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