Monday, July 27, 2009

Cambridge Neighbor Who Called the Police

It's about time the press picked up on the neighbor who called the police.

Stories today are making known that race was not an issue when she dialed 911, which of course, goes without saying.

Can you imagine seeing somebody try to break into a house and calling the police and then watching him go postal with the police citing their presence as a racially-motivated incident?

As you watched his rage, wouldn't you think any moment now, he's going to ask who called the police and direct his tirade towards you?

Isn't she the real target of Gates and the President's remarks?

This is the story that is being missed.

The 40-year-old woman whose emergency call to Cambridge police sparked the arrest of Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. and a raging national debate on race relations claims she never said “black” men were breaking into his house.

“This woman is 100 percent clear on what she said,” said attorney Wendy J. Murphy, who is representing 911 caller Lucia Whalen. “She never said she saw two black men. She said, ‘It never crossed my mind that there were two black men.’ ”

In fact, Whalen, who wants the world to know she is not a racist, isn’t even white - as had been widely reported - but has “olive-colored skin and is of Portuguese descent,” Murphy said.

This is why Gates was arrested. When Gates came out on the porch screaming like a lunatic, woman who dialed the police (who was standing there) expressed concerns to the police. When continued to wildly lash out, the arrest was made to stop him from continuing his tirade against the 911 caller.

Gates, 58, was arrested for disorderly conduct after shouting at Sgt. James Crowley, 42, who responded to the call, according to a police report. The charge was later dropped. The professor told the national media he was outraged to have been arrested in his own home, saying he was racially profiled by a “rogue” cop.

When the accusations that the cop was "rogue" became absurd, not just because of his work promoting racial harmony on the force, but there was a 911 emergency call - the allegation that the call was racially motivated then must be charged to the person who called the police.

Crowley had kind words for Whalen.

“I can’t even imagine what she must be going through,” he said. “I’ve often thought about her, and I regret . . . the undue attention on her.”...

Whalen, a Malden resident who works for the Harvard alumni magazine, has been suffering in silence for days, stung by accusations that she was a racist white woman who thought two black men at a fancy house must be burglars, Murphy said.

People are owed apologies by Gates and the President.

Of note are comments from a friend of Gates who is indignant that the police asked the 911 caller for a description of the two people breaking into the house that would include the person's color.

Have you ever heard of anything so insane?

The objective of getting a description, like the color of hair, skin, clothes - etc., is so cruisers can be on the lookout in case suspects flee.

If the answer happens to be black, it's now a racially-motivated conspiracy.

This is huge.

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