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What Did the Democrats Know About Eric McFadden

Tom Blumer has a post up about Democratic sexual psychopath Eric McFadden that questions why Ohio newspapers are not reporting on McFadden's years of deviant sexual obsessions in their recent stories about McFadden's guilty plea.

McFadden had thousands of posts on one website that are pathological, creepy and demonstrate a sexually sick and twisted individual. In addition to usasexguide website, he was posting on other third party hooker review sites, Craig's List and he had at least one, if not two hooker review websites of his own.

Some of the posts indicate they were doing during work days and work hours that McFadden would have been present inside of Strickland's offices while under Strickland's employ.

His conduct is obsessive and twisted, very much the kind of creepy obsessive dynamic I was reporting to Strickland's Office of General Counsel.

Here's a citation from an old post:

I'm going to post a few soundbytes to show just how creepy this guy was.

Sounds like some of them were ducking him. There's one post that he says he has to take one of the woman's shoes or purse so she won't ditch him? I'm trying to redact the sex talk but I hope I don't miss some of the lingo. Please let me know if I do and I'll redact it.

1. Best looking SW - Earlier this year I met _____ around Broad and Centeral - Killer body - saw her a couple other times, then she went down hill fast. Got nasty real fast. There were a couple others I met this past year that were just down right hot, but never saw them again. Possibly one timers or passing through.

2. Best Body - For me right now - this nice ________ on the hilltop. ______ is a close second

3. Best **** talent - _______ - I know she is new, well at least to me --- but damn this girl has skills.

4. Best Attitude - Giving the prize to the new girl again.

5. Worst Looking - I don't stop for em, so I don't get to know their names.

6. Worst Attitude - If they display a bad attitude - out the door they go.

Worst Attitude change to better- don't mess with attitude

Best Attitude change to worst- Don't hang with em for that change

Best Looking to bad- I agree with ________ on ______ - I simply pass her by now. - but the ______ I am refering to is a faster and worse dive. ________ on the west side took a nose dive as well. Oh yeah - I think _________ in the short north went south quick as well.

Worst ** to Best- if they are that bad - I ususally forget their name and don't give em a second chance


Ran around the west side for a bit early evening yesterday. Saw some regular skanks. Did not meet anybody I was interested in. ________number now goes straight to voice mail. Oh well. I did see 3 SW's on the wall near the Clark Station on Broad in the Hilltop. One was a blonde, older - total skank. The other was a pudgy platium blonde - not attractive at all, and the third was a thin brunette who actually look cute from afar (they all do) Upon closer inspection, I found out her name was ______ - but her teeth were not so great looking....

As for hours - I have found the best lately and the times I have actually met and had a good time is early morning - 5:30am to about 8am.

Stay safe

The storms woke me up this morning - so I went out for an early morning drive. First I met _____ - I had digits for her from a Sr Member, but they had not been working. She is early 30s. Pretty face. Great service. Have new digits for her for Sr. Members only. Met her on Sully in bottoms.

It had been awhile since I had a ***************, and _______ did do a great job, but I was still in need of some more ********. So after I dropped her off, I cruised around a bit. I met ______. I reported on her a while back. A very nice person and great attitude. Kind of cute in a very ******* sort of way. She was very clean today and had put on some weight. Said she just got out. She provided outstanding service for the second of the day. Sadly - no digits for Pam. Met her on Broad in the bottoms....

I did pull up on one on sully in the hilltop - that was kind of cute - then she opened her mouth and she had like one tooth! Sorry - Told her I thought she was someone I knew and rolled on.

Also ____ makes good points below about not fronting funds for the "__________". You have to think, if she comes out and actually does get in your car - what she will bring with her. Now if you really must take the chance and it is a girl you know and "trust", still cover your butt. Make her leave something of value to her in your car. Like her purse, if she has one or her shoes. If she won't do that. Forget it. Also don't sit there and wait - drive around the block and come back in 10 or so. If you really want to see this girl, the promise of more funds and holding something value will most likely make her reappear. I don't suggest this for the monger new to the scence. Know what you are doing before doing something risky. In the case of _________, holding the purse and shoes did the trick, and even though the service was crappy...

Two Fer

Out Saturday night - met ____ by ________ on Broad. Short hair brunette. Great skills. This girl is always clean and showered with clean clothes.

Then saw _______at Westpark and Sully. She was cleaned up today as well and tells me that she is not pregnant as she thought.

Some of the date and time stamps below that accompanied McFadden's sex posts included regular word days and times while McFadden should have been inside of Strickland's offices using their equipment:

08-16-07, 09:46
08-11-07, 09:22
08-04-07, 15:07
08-03-07, 10:19
08-02-07, 09:02
07-28-07, 09:04
06-10-07, 14:15





One of the questions I certainly relates to McFadden's arrest in April of 2006 relating to a kidnapping and telecommunications harassment charge. (info from the police report in this post).

After I suggested to Strickland's attorneys that they go to McFadden's computer and do some investigating of their own to sniff out his internet traffic and find out where he was posting (thinking at that time that they would lead to political enemies McFadden was stalking in perverted and creepy ways), McFadden was gone within a day or two from Strickland's Office.

With respect to the kidnapping charge - did Strickland's office run a CORI before they hired McFadden?

There are two kinds of CORI's. One kind is a public access to CORI and the other is a criminal access to arrest records. Without a doubt, when Clinton hired McFadden (after he was supposedly let go for lacking leadership skills for faith-based initiatives in Strickland's Office!)being a candidate for President, a full criminal CORI was definetly done and this must have been on his records.

I want to know what was found at Strickland's Office on McFadden's computer after my complaint. I also want to know what they told Clinton about McFadden's extracurricular internet activities. If they didn't reveal McFadden's history, there is some pretty serious negligence on the part of Strickland's staff. If they did reveal it to Clinton and she hired McFadden anyway - with a kidnapping charge and telecommunications harassment charge, a complaint that garnered enough concern to conduct their own investigation and fire McFadden - that is information that I think the public would be interested in knowing.

What makes it very important, is that Clinton used McFadden's services in conjunction with Catholics United/ Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good) to conduct intimidation inside of parishes (reported here)

Alexia Kelley of Catholics In Alliance for the Common Good - rewarded by the Obama Administration with an appointment, I also personally contacted prior to McFadden's hire at Strickland's Office -- so she was very aware of McFadden's conduct when she deployed it in parking lots to intimidate Catholics in the 2008 election.

A date with the Ohio Inspector General is on my radar.

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