Saturday, August 29, 2009

Cardinal O'Malley's Presence at Kennedy Funeral Mass

There's been a lot of subterfuge in the Boston Catholic community over what kind of a message O'Malley presiding at Ted's funeral Mass will give to the tenet of "thou shalt not kill" to the salvation of the soul. O'Malley is a man who makes contracts with abortionists to carry out a business arrangement to improve the financial portfolio of the diocese. He is anathema.

Ted Kennedy was a loving man. He had many broken days and by all accounts his beautiful wife - a woman with grace and much love - healed many of his wounds and improved the quality of his life. He loved Christ. He loved his family. He loved his country. He loved the poor. As a Catholic, I was heartbroken that the priests and Bishops and Cardinals misled his spirit and soul - as I was when I found out they were misleading my own...all of us.

Ted Kennedy received Viaticum. Hopefully, the minister of that Sacrament had the spinal fortitude to explain what needed to be explained. That duty lies with that minister and the failure is charged to his soul - another heartbreaking thing to watch for Catholics who know their faith and spiritual world. A beautiful Mass is about to begin in a beautiful House of Worship and Our Lady of Perpetual Help is petitioned and venerated by many, many people for hundreds of years.

I'm watching and praying for all the moonbats who are assembling there. God help us. God protect us and inspire us. God have mercy on us all.


Anonymous said...

I too prayed for the moonbats gathered there and on TV. We must be like Ted in one way and that is that he did not hate his enemy and thus I prayed very hard for Ted. It was a miracle in that 4 Presidents were sitting beside the alter of Our Lady and before the Holy Eurcharist and I hope she grants many graces. I find that I can no longer even dislike Jimmy Carter after seeing him and Roseline sitting next to our Lady. We are judged by our hearts and not our flawed thinking and I think that Ted had a good heart but short sighted on the RIGHTS of the developing children in the wombs. We need to build on the good that Ted did: I mean that he was not in Congress to represent bankers and big business but to represent people. We must elect political leaders who do that: but in the fullness of the Truth so that we BUILD upon Ted's failures and we ADD PRO-LIFE and TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE to the other causes so nobely advanced by Ted such as health care, immigration, the poor, students, elderly, and peace. So if we closely reflect upon what Our Lady showed us today in the church dedicated to her, we see that we have many good causes to pursue together and we must add to that what Ted is learning from Jesus face-to-Face today and that is that God is Pro-Life and I am sure that Ted wishes that he could come back to tell us that. He cannot come back but we already know that God is for life from the Church. I have many thoughts on what happened today and all I can really say to summarize is that it looks like Satan bit himself in his tail again. Somehow this leader of the Abortion movement and the man who defeated the Traditional Marriage Petition (Ted) brought the world into Our Lady's Mission Church today and many graces were given to the world in ways that we will never know. The Cardinals and Pope did show by their detachment and silence that there was a grave disagreement with Ted's flawed thinking on abortion but the Church was merciful today and prayed for this person who made himself an enemy of life and the Church. I pray that Ted now understands and accepts God's Will and I pray for his family and friends. I do NOT hate Ted as Ted would not hate me. But I do hate abortion and our dream of ending abortion is the dream that will never die!
I welcome the world into our church today and I hope that OUR pro-life work merited some extra graces for everyone there and on TV. Miracles happen at that church!!! May all the good that Ted did live on and may his views on abortion, embryo killing, and gay marriage die on this day. We shall build upon the good that he did and add life in its full abundance to the good that he did.

A friend

Anonymous said...

Just to add more. Not only do I not hate Ted but I love Ted Kennedy. I sincerely pray for his soul. I can't wait to work for pro-life so that others may be born whom we can learn to love also! How very confused was poor Ted on some paramount issues but God can heal the blind as God can heal those who hate. I invite ALL to Our Lady's Church or any Catholic Church. So many have commented on how beautiful the Mass was so come and JOIN US for YOU have been invited by me!

a friend

Anonymous said...

Just to add: I mean that I "love" EVERYONE which includes enemies. In Ted's case he was an enemy of children developing in the womb - whom I fought as best I could on that issue. But he was also good hearted in many ways and obviously a kind person who cared about many people and did much much good. We do have much work to do to undo the damage that he did but perhaps God is already helping us in many ways - I saw it today where MANY returned to church. Ted's flawed concepts on abortion as a right is as dead as the 50 million victems of abortion violence. We must work to make sure that is the case from this point forward. All the other good values they Ted "choose" we can continue to fully support such as health care, immigrants, and the poor. But we have to patch back into the garment the values of LIFE and MARRIAGE that liberal heretics cut out of the Seamless Garment, where the heretics replaced the cut out portions with a SEAM and while they hid or trashed Catholic values of paramount fundemental importance.

a friend

From the beautiful City of Boston said...


Thank you for leaving these valuable comments for readers. I think there's much work to do in the next few weeks to make sure there is no scandal or confusion over the teachings of the Church and salvation.