Thursday, August 27, 2009

Perhaps Cardinal O'Malley Will Lend Obama His Crozier and Mitre...

Quite frankly, I'm relieved Obama won't be sitting in the Cathedra -- the services will be held at Mission Church.

For those of you from out of town, Mission Church is a very historical and meaningful House of Worship for Irish families who immigrated to Boston. The icon of Our Lady of Perpetual Help is located on the left side of the Church in a beautiful spot for veneration and prayer. Many miracles have occurred in the Church. On each side of the icon are large containers filled with crutches and tributes to the cures. My mother used to tell me that every Good Friday, the Irish in Roxbury would go through a pilgrimage called "the Seven Churches". The schools would organize the children and off everyone would go to made a visit to the seven Churches. A plenary indulgence is given to those who make the pilgrimage.

As a member of Boston's old Irish Catholic population who grew up in the 60's, I have many stories of families suffering injustice that Ted helped. Snafu's at Social Security when elderly's checks would get gummed up, etc. The people he helped are too numerous to count.

I hope and pray to God that some priest or dare I say Bishop helped his conscience aquiesce to God's soveriegnty and he left this world in a state of Grace - like we all hope to do. I have very mixed feelings about the canonization in the public square and his legacy of catastrophic policies to the unborn. This I can say: Obama's place to give a eulogy was not a Catholic pulpit. Since the Cathedra in Boston is sede vacante, I'm not surprised at the chancery wizards have handed Obama five minutes of hijacking the funeral to garner support for policies that the antithesis of Catholicism. I hope my prediction is wrong and Obama doesn't exploit the moment. I don't hold out a lot of hope.


Anonymous said...

And now the president of Boston College will join in the festivities! How many supporters of the Culture of Death will receive Communion in a televised very public scandal?

Anonymous said...

An interesting discussion of Ted K's funeral on Father Z's blog.

Anonymous said...

Another disappointment from our Catholic shepherd. What a scandal to let our most pro-abortion president - in a Catholic church at a sacred Mass - eulogize a man who did all he could to promote abortion. No wonder we're where we are in the secular culture - "like sheep without a shepherd." God help us.