Thursday, August 27, 2009

Unholy Alliance in Healthcare

Excellent story written by Gail Besse on the threat against conscience protections for Catholics and the civil rights of unborn children developing in Manchester New Hampshire.

“D-H doctors have testified in the state legislature against the diocese on end-of-life issues,” Souza explained. “Their chief palliative care doctor helped get legislation passed that led to the state issuing a dangerous ‘living will’ called the New Hampshire Advance Directive.

“Dartmouth refers girls to Planned Parenthood in Manchester, where we have a picket going five days a week. If you partner with D-H and give them credibility, it’s a weak moral argument to say, ‘They do it under a different roof, so we won’t be culpable,’” she said.

Catholic Bishops are making contracts with abortionists and sending women and children to their physical and spiritual deaths. The misfeasance and malfeasance in this new assault against children is far more offensive than their alliance with pedophiles.

Kudos to the handful of women who are fighting these crimes against the civil liberties of children.

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Jerry B said...

What's the fuss? Cardinal O'Malley did that, and it's OK. Right? Look, they're gonna murder the babies anyhow, so what's wrong with us making a buck? (For readers in Cambridge, this is sarcasm.)

It's the Cardinal Law infection. Bp. McCormack is just another feather in Law's hat, as is O'Malley -- and maybe some credit for Teddy's scandals, too.