Wednesday, September 9, 2009

No Lies

Obama claims there'll be no abortion, no illegal aliens, no killing off senior citizens and conscience protections will remain in place. The public option will not be taxed subsidized - the poor people who can't afford healthcare will pay for each other's healthcare.

The premiums collected from poor people are going to sustain the public option?

What where the panels who were going to set up meetings with elderly people to make healthcare decisions that are now left between families and doctors all about?

Give us the facts.

Whose going to pay for it?

How is it possible that poor people who can't afford insurance and healthcare now could put in their own premiums and pay for their own healthcare and other people's healthcare?

He also claimed his Medicare cuts has also been subjected to demagoguery and distortion - No benefits will be cut and reducing inefficiency -- hundreds of billions of dollars in waste and fraud and the savings will buy everyone their prescription drugs.

Give us specific examples of this waste if it exists.

If Obama had come out this evening with specific information and spreadsheets giving us the details of where this supposed waste exists and added up the money saved - he would have been credible. There was nothing attractive or appealing about his charism and delivery. He came off jiggy and bitter and his screed was filled with ambiguous conjecture.

It will all work like Medicare and Medicaid, he said.

Beg pardon, but aren't those the bankrupt and broken systems that need reform?

What's wrong with going forward with malpractice reform, legislate that insurance companies can't drop people when they get sick, show us where to cut spending and waste and fraud and come up with all this money he says he can come up with first. We can get on board many of these ideas if he shows us in good faith that he knows what he's talking about, and he isn't the one spreading misinformation.

Joe Wilson has been identified as the person who yelled out "YOU LIE".

It was the most honest thing said in the chamber all evening.

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