Saturday, September 12, 2009

What so proudly we hailed at the twighlight's last gleaming

Quite the gathering in Washington D.C. today.

The honeymoon with Barack and his spending our money is definitely over.

When the Washington Post has to admit to "tens of thousands" of people descending upon Washington DC to protest, the number is probably closer to a hundred thousand.

The mainstream press has been blacking out prolife marches with hundreds of thousands of people for decades.

Tens of thousands of conservative protesters crowded outside the U.S. Capitol on Saturday, a massive demonstration aimed at stopping what organizers called the over-expansion of the federal government under the Obama administration.

"Hell hath no fury like a taxpayer ignored," declared Andrew Moylan, head of government affairs for the National Taxpayer Union, urging protesters to call their representatives. "You're being ignored today by the media and some politicians."

The crowd -- loud, rambunctious and sprawling -- gathered at the foot of the Capitol after a march along Pennsylvania Avenue from Freedom Plaza. Invocations of God and former President Reagan by an array of speakers drew loud cheers, echoing across the Mall. On a windy, overcast afternoon, hundreds of yellow "Don't Tread on Me" flags flapped in the breeze, mingled with U.S. and Texas state flags.

"We own the dome," the crowd chanted loudly, pointing at the Capitol.

I'll tell you something else; the Dems better tread carefully with Joe Wilson.

The timing of his message was out of place. Nobody disagrees with that. Wilson has apologized.

The message itself, i.e., Obama's presentation was being dishonest with the American people -- that was right on the money.

The magnitude of the protest has caught everyone by surprise.

A CNN reporter trying pour accelerator on Wilson to whip up a frenzy was drown out today. Check out the youtube of the teapartiers drowning her out with "No more Lies", "Tell the truth"


In fact, Joe Wilson's campaign and fundraising efforts have exploded in the last 40 hours.

Call it "Joe Wilson's war" or call it patriot dissent, but when the South Carolina Congressman shouted "You lie!" to the President, he was fulfilling his oath to defend the Constitution. Defending democracy in America deserves more "Joe Wilsons," not fewer.

The mainstream media efforts to demonize Joe Wilson is backfiring.

Good stuff.

Maybe Barack Hussein Obama won't be able to complete turning this country over to socialism after all.

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