Sunday, September 13, 2009

Joe Wilson Breaks a Million in 48 hours

The money came from 18,859 donations, so it was grassroots - not a couple of handfuls of muckedy muck good old boys.

Lefty blogger Ben Smith at least has the gumption to call the game:

Wilson, who initially apologized for his words, is now riding a reaction that has surpassed the liberal backlash to his words....

Still, Wilson's success -- despite having been criticized by Republican leaders -- represents the power of the conservative grassroots to reward politicians who confront the White House in the sharpest terms

The grassroots has taken over control. We've got to wield it early and often to get the President we want in the White House in 2012. The powerful regime of cash cows that has controlled and destroyed the GOP start their grooming and lobbying just about now. Their portfolios are diminished and the grassroots has the momentum.

Let's seize on it, shall we?

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