Saturday, October 10, 2009

Isn't this Cutie.

Heaping more scandal upon the Catholic Church, A priest who served in Alberto Cutie's parish has launched a custody battle for a baby he had with an exotic dancer who filed a restraining order against him for domestic abuse.

The story came to light a few weeks ago when Beatrice Hernández, a former exotic dancer at a Miami strip club called Porky's, claimed child support and filed a restraining order against David Dueppen, a Catholic priest

Hernández said they had met each other seven years ago in Porky’s, at which time Dueppen was not dressed as a priest. Hernández quit stripping in 2008 and is now the owner of a dollar store in Miami.

Dueppen took an indefinite leave of absence in August after reporting to his Archdiose that he had father a daughter with Hernández. .

Dueppen, 42, now wants custody of the little girl, Marilyn Epiphany Hernández. His attorney, Raymon Rafool indicated that Dueppen should have custody of the child at least 70 percent of the time and said "He has never denied paternity for the child and he would like to be very involved in the child's life."

The former priest, who at first denied being the father of the girl, rejected the domestic abuse allegations through his lawyer and is reportedly looking for a job.

Yeah. Good luck with that.

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