Saturday, October 10, 2009

Making a Joke of the Nobel Peace Prize

With Iran assembling nuclear bombs and firing missiles in a display of defiance, Israel threatening to bomb Iran if sanctions are not in place by Christmas, and the President on the brink of sending 40,000 more American soldiers to Afghanistan, as everyone now knows, Obama has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

He's a regular Mother Theresa.

The audible gasp in when the announcement was made says everything you need to say about giving a Nobel Peace Prize to a man who has done bupkis:

When the award prompted an inventory of the accomplishments for the prestigious award and came up empty, Norwegian officials explained that technically, you really don't have to do anything to receive a Nobel Peace Prize, you can simply sit at home and aspire.

The Nobel Peace Prize is about pontification, not substance.

You can escalate war, be such a spineless wimp that other countries launches tests of their weapons of mass destruction into the air and lead the country to be at everyone's throats, so long as you have a soapbox - you're a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize in Norway.

Leave it to Rahm Emanuel to conjure something meaningful out of an absurdity - he took the opportunity to claim the booby prize as a vindication of Copenhagen saying It's clear Oslo beats Copenhagen any day of the week.

Give credit where it's due, even Barack seemed to acknowledge the emptiness of the gesture in his response yesterday morning.

This stands out as a monument to the election and idolatry of an empty suit.

Rational people who voted for him can't mitigate the disaster.

'Oh no." It slipped out as I gazed upon the news -- Barack Obama has won the Nobel Peace Prize.

A strange reaction, since I like the guy, generally, voted for him, think he's doing an OK job in the face of strong, sometimes crazy opposition.

But I'm not a foaming devotee, not the false stereotype those who hate him like to conjure up to give themselves something to sneer at. Obama's too political for my liking, too cautious, deferential to his party, timid on gay rights.

But he's trying, and his job just got harder with this goofy prize. Not just because the Nobel Peace Prize will churn up his foes like piranhas in bloody water. Anything involving him sets them off.

But here they have a point -- the Nobel Peace Prize is tainted fruit. The Swedes give out the real Nobels -- in chemistry, in physics. The Peace Prize is given out by the Norwegians, and they are famous for doing a botch job. Three names: Henry Kissinger, Yasser Arafat, Jimmy Carter.

It's as featherbrained as awarding a Purple Heart to a coward.

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