Friday, October 30, 2009

Tattle on the Bishop

Interesting quote from the Pro-Life Office of the USCCB.

Catholic leaders have asked bishops across the nation to insert the e-mail, titled "Oppose Abortion Funding and Mandates in Health Care Reform," in every parish bulletin or distribute it in pews or at church entrances.

"Congressional votes may take place as soon as early November," Tom Grenchik, secretariat of pro-life activities for the USCCB, wrote to diocesan pro-life directors and the state Catholic conference director.

"If your Arch/bishop is not in agreement with disseminating the bulletin insert, you will be hearing from his office immediately," Grenchik added

Whooah boy. That's enough to make them dance like a cat on a hot tin roof.

Last thing Bishops want is an invitation to tattle on them.

Is it me or is that a line in the sand?

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Anonymous said...

Let's hope its a clear line. At what parishes, in what areas, will trouble start in Boston, if people decide to respond publically to the USSCB move?