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Fr. Z on Catholic Democrat Cronies Patrick Whelan, Steve Krueger and Suzanne Morse

The old "Voice of the Faithful" characters, some of whom are operating the remnants of (the jailbird pedophile pimp) Eric McFadden's "Catholic Democrats" organization, are the subject of discussion over at Fr. Z's.

Just how deeply sycophantic are the political toadies of the group Catholic Democrats?

Fr. Z fisks the most recent activities of McFadden's "Catholic Democrats": marketing abortions in the abortion healthcare package.

I think there's some police detectives in Columbus, Ohio who have some answers to how sychopantic and psychotic Eric McFadden's group can get. It isn't pretty underneath the subterfuge.

Men who push promiscuity to women have some hefty reasons to keep the abortion industry harvesting their prey.

The "women's liberation" movement liberates them from making child support payments.

McFadden's co-founder in "Catholic Democrats", Patrick Whelan, has picked up Suzanne Morse, former "communications manager for Voice of the Faithful". Shortly after Eric McFadden's arrest, Whelan recycled the initiative and recruited Former Executive Director of Voice of the Faithful.

Their most recent debauchery is the same old meme: They've cracked the code of the Catechism of the Catholic Church - it's the treatise of the Republican National Committee and we're all secret agents.

They are worked up about the interchange between Bp. Tobin of Providence and pro-abortion Rep. Patrick Kennedy (D-RI). The group Catholic Democrats want abortion as part of health care and therefore they can’t stand Catholic bishops who speak out when "Catholics" support abortion.

The tactic of Catholic Deomcrats is to turn this into a political issue. For example, if the Republican Party has a pro-life (anti-abortion) plank, and if a Catholic bishop speaks out when a pro-abortion Democrat supports abortion rights… therefore… try to follow now… therefore the Bishop is actually supporting the Republican Party. See? See? Wasn’t that easy? Great reasoning.

Catholic Democrats are political hacks. They might be Democrats, but they sure aren’t Catholics.

Father's comments are in bold~

From the Catholic Democrats website:

November 24, 2009

Support Congressman Kennedy and Health Care Reform

Call Bishop Tobin Today

I believe in an America that is officially neither Catholic, Protestant nor Jewish—where no public official either requests or accepts instructions on public policy from the Pope, the National Council of Churches or any other ecclesiastical source—where no religious body seeks to impose its will directly or indirectly upon the general populace or the public acts of its officials—and where religious liberty is so indivisible that an act against one church is treated as an act against all.
– President John F. Kennedy, September 12, 1960, Houston Texas, The Greater Houston Ministerial Association

[What a misguided and damaging speech that was. What comes to mind is the phrase: "But for Wales?"]

Dear Friends,

This past Sunday, it was reported that Rhode Island Bishop Thomas Tobin had barred his Congressional representative, Patrick Kennedy (D-RI), from receiving Holy Communion in the diocese in early 2007, a sanction that remains in place today. [This is mendacious. Bp. Tobin has not imposed any sanction or censure on Rep. Kennedy – though he probably should. He requested in private discussion that the Congressman not receive. That is not the same as a "sanction". The Bishop did not "bar" him. But that is not to the purposes of this group, who will lie for the sake of their message.] We are asking you for your help in responding to this action and to the bishop’s disparagement of Representative Kennedy’s Catholic faith [I believe that Rep. Kennedy disparaged his own Catholic faith by his actions and public statements.] that occurred in the course of a public dispute that preceded this recent revelation.

[Watch this. You can see how Catholic Democrats try to drag this who thing over into the sphere of mere politics.] Bishop Tobin has made no secret of his preference for the Republican positions on a variety of social issues. A majority of Catholics hold views similar to Congressman Kennedy, [And this is another problem: They think morality can be determined by majorities.] namely that constructive measures to decrease the number of abortions [No… I think Catholic Democrats actually want abortion to be paid for by tax-payer dollars.] are a more Christian and effective approach than the vague criminalization threats of the past. [This issue of "criminalization" must be discussed at length elsewhere. For now, they are just using it as a scare tactic.] Catholic Democrats believes that Bishop Tobin’s [wait for it…] personal political views are driving actions that are not only hurtful to Catholics in Rhode Island but also to the larger Church [ ROFL! Sure! I bet they do! The last thing they want is strong bishops.] – as well as fueling the political divisions across our country.

This public conflict is deeply regrettable, particularly at a time when our country is debating national health care reform. [And Catholic Democrats want abortion to be paid for.] In the midst of this historic opportunity, that would help millions of people in need, Bishop Tobin returned to a divisive path. Building on his sanction [Again, it was not a sanction. It was a request.] in 2007, the bishop recently issued a public letter that only added to the polarization of the health care debate when faith, reason, and civility [What in his letter was a violation of "faith, reason, and civility"? Quotes, please?] are called for, particularly from our pastoral leaders. [But remember: If the Bishop takes a position, then he is not being "pastoral". "Pastoral" is where you let liberals do what they want.]
Do visit Fr. Z and read the rest of his excellent dissection.

At the end of the day, they fire the salvo that Bishop Tobin is carrying out the orders of the Republican party and Whelan and his recycled VOTF group are crusaders for those suffering political oppression - and so they're recruiting people to take Bishop Tobin under siege.

Last I checked, "Catholic Democrats" was not registered with the Secretary of State in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, though they claim on their website to have officers and a 'treasurer". Ergo, they're either a handful of clowns with bupkis, making like their somebody important in politics without two nickels to rub together - or somebody is giving them money they're not reporting to the IRS and paying taxes upon.

I'll have to check back with the SOS office here in Mass and see if there's any status change.

To me, the paper trail on this group should be under the nose of Cardinal George's committee to govern the use of the word "Catholic".


I reviewed the status of Catholic Democrats of Massachusetts.

If you look at the website, Patrick Whelan lists himself as the "Director" and Mary Beth Saffo is listed as the "Treasurer".

Here, he lists himself as the "President" of Catholic Democrats with Steve Kruger as the Executive Director.

We can be reached at:

Catholic Democrats
PO Box 290331
Boston, MA 02129

However, if you check the corporate database of the Secretary of State and run a wordsearch for the entity "Catholic Democrats" or scroll down to do a search for Patrick Whelan and Steven Krueger or Mary Beth Saffo under individuals operating a business in Massachusetts, it's a bust.

BTW -- If you check out this page on the Catholic Democrats site, you'll find this:

Through the "Issues" section of its website, Catholic Democrats shows how the positions of the Democratic Party are consistent with Catholic Social Teaching.

Thorough our "Get Local," we connect Catholic Democrats with our local chapters.

We look forward to working with the Obama administration.

Patrick Whelan, President
Steven Krueger, Executive Director

The Obama Administration working with "Catholic Democrats" leaves a lot of questions about rounding up people to attack a Catholic Cardinal.

Whelan and McFadden co-authored an article called "Politicking in Catholic Churches" at the beginning of their "Catholic Democrat" initiative. It seems Whelan has taken down every reference and link to McFadden on his "Catholic Democrat" website.

In any event, politicians and administrations waging war against the Catholic Church have long been using McFadden, Whelan and a handful of others to do their dirty work for them.

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