Sunday, November 29, 2009

Update on Tiger Woods Kerfuffle

Woods and his wife again decline to speak to police.

Traffic accidents are not on the priority list of police departments but when a single car accident happens at 2am in the morn, there's admissions that he peeled out after an argument, there are golf clubs, smashed windows and unconscious people in a 20 mile an hour in a big huge Escalade - there is some diligence to do.

The police went to the door on Friday and Wood's wife asked them to come back on Saturday because Tiger was sleeping. Apparently yesterday, the police were on their way to the house and Wood's agent phoned into the police station asking them to delay their questioning until Sunday.

Personally, I don't get all the drowsiness after a fender bender. Perhaps it is more a realization that he has screwed up his marriage and his life. the whole thing is about to be fodder in the public square and, he's overwhelmed. If the story in the National Enquirer has any truth to it, it not only affects his family, but would seriously affect his image, endorsements - etc.

The devil is a crafty fellow, isn't he? How he just loves to bait people who are talented, effective, happy, loving and/or in love with God. The next thing you know, he's dangling the seven deadly sins in your face and, the wagons are circling from the messes you've created by falling to the various temptations.

I read a quote yesterday from Wood's mother-in-law asking for space, they're trying to sort things out between them and she was praying for everyone concerned. I second that motion.

On this first day of Advent, I'll be keeping this young family in my prayers too. God help them, help them to manage the mess they've made, draw them to you and heal their lives in the ways they need to be healed. Guide them with Your Grace and guard them in their moments of temptation.

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