Friday, November 13, 2009

Fr. Z on NCR

Every time somebody sends me a link to Fr. Z., I get caught up in the entertainment over there.

This post on another dumb editorial (Nostalgia is not a path to the future) at National Catholic Reporter will leave a smile on your face.

Love Fr. Z's comments. He sure doesn't beat around the bush does he.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Fr. Z is wonderful, isn't he? Carol, do I sometimes detect your comments at that place?


Lead Us Not Into Temptation said...


Thanks so much for passing his links along to me. I appreciate the things you send, even when I can't seem to get them all up or responded to in a timely manner. Someday, I may get to them!

I used to comment at Fr. Z's when he had open comments. I haven't really made the time to register. Though I look forward to it! You're doing a fine job over there.

The comments are equally intellectual, witty and right to the point. Very enjoyable experience over there.