Saturday, November 14, 2009

Another Blow to Massachusetts Healthcare Reform

Surprise, surprise.

With Massachusetts Healthcare reform draining the already low coffers, Governor Deval Patrick is siphoning money by cutting care of the seniors and poor.

More than a million low-income Massachusetts residents covered by Medicaid would be required to pay more for visits to certain doctors and receive prior approval for some expensive psychiatric medications under a plan announced yesterday by the Patrick administration to narrow a $307 million shortfall in the state’s MassHealth program.

Some of the biggest changes are in dental care for adults, who would no longer receive dentures or other oral care except for cleanings, X-rays, and emergency services.

That change alone is expected to save about $15 million this fiscal year, said interim Medicaid director Terence Dougherty.

Where's all the fat they said was built into healthcare before the business wizard Mitt Romney thrust "healthcare reform" on Massachusetts?

People's teeth were the unnecessary expenditures?

My God, the Democrats are taking away poor people's teeth.

That is just beneath contempt.

“Dentures aren’t a luxury,’’ said AARP Massachusetts state director Deborah Banda. “And if you are someone who relies on a personal care attendant to help you get out of bed or to the bathroom, that’s not a luxury either.

Under the proposals, the state will also stop paying for personal care attendants for patients requiring the in-home aides less than 15 hours a week.“Before the Commonwealth takes one more basic necessity away from our most vulnerable residents,’’ she said, “let’s exhaust every other option.’’

Oh come on lady, the AARP was giddy about "healthcare reform" even when rational people did the math about the money and warned the public about rationing of care for seniors and disabled. You wanted healthcare reform, you've got it.

Mike Fadel, vice president of 1199 SEIU, a labor union representing many health care workers, said, “As caregivers, our members see first-hand how cuts of this nature threaten the health, safety, and independence of seniors and people with disabilities across the Commonwealth.’’

Also drawing stinging reaction was the administration’s proposal to eliminate all of the funding for nursing home pre-screening, a $2.5 million cut that advocates said could force many more seniors into nursing homes. The counseling explores other options that can help people stay at home longer, such as personal care services.

Another surprise, warehousing senior citizens and the disabled. Gee, I wonder what will happen to them if they need help eating, or are in pain or need a surgery to improve the quality of their life as their bodies deteriorate.

And, good luck to all of them if they ever have some kind of traumatic event or catastrophic illness that requires hospitalization beyond 20 days:

The cuts identified so far, which also include some reduced payments to hospitals for patients who stay beyond 20 days, add up to about a third of the savings needed.

You don't suppose they'll be pushing very sick people out of the hospital after 20 days, do you? How will that work if they're cutting personal care attendants who'll need less than 15 hours after they get tossed out of the hospital

Let us not worry, I'm sure the hospital will let everyone stay no matter how much money they lose in reduced payments. They're democrats. Compassionate democrats. This is their pro-life package for caring for the sick and the poor.

When they bankrupt the nation, we'll all be on the dole and relying upon them for sustenance.

Something to look forward to!

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