Saturday, November 14, 2009

Patrick Kennedy: Don't fail Daddy's Legacy

The son of the late U.S. Sen. Edward M. Kennedy warned the state’s U.S. Senate candidates yesterday not to apply an abortion “litmus test” that might stall the universal health care his father devoted much of his career to passing.

Don't fail Daddy's legacy.

The "legacy" is enshrined forevermore in the minds of the uncatechized who watched abortion advocates at the pulpit of Boston shrine canonize "the legacy" while the Cardinal sat by lending his imprimatur to the show.

The Cardinal sat on the sidelines nodding his approval with, of all things, a memorial card of Rose Kennedy's in his pocket saying that the worst thing that could ever happen to anyone would be losing their faith.

Much of what is noble in the politics and work of the Kennedys had its origins in the bedrock of the faith of Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy. As a young woman she had a profound experience of God’s love that transformed her life. She strove to communicate that faith to her large clan. Since the time of her funeral Mass I have kept her memorial prayer card, inscribed with Rose Kennedy’s own words:

"If God were to take away all His blessings, health, physical fitness, wealth, intelligence, and leave me but one gift, I would ask for faith – for with faith in Him and His goodness, mercy, love for me, and belief in everlasting life, I believe I could suffer the loss of my other gifts and still be happy – trustful, leaving all to His inscrutable Providence."

I guess so long as he has the deposit of faith, he thinks he isn't culpable for sponsoring a show misleading the faithful from their "faith". Good luck to him with that.

For the rest of us, using Rose Kennedy's memorial card to abstain him from his act of memorializing Kennedys "legacy" as the path to redemption is an oxymoron.

Faith is the act of believing in the tenets of your religion even when you yourself don't see the wisdom of them. You don't need faith for something that has already been proven to you beyond a shadow of a doubt. Faith is a surrender to trust when you can't find tangible answers and have reservations or doubt.

Many times in Christ's ministry He came upon people who asked him for miracles and Christ posed questions to them that led to a public profession of their faith in front of the crowds. On one occasion, He told a gentile woman who asked him for a miracle that you don't give that which is holy to the dogs. Whatever this gentile woman was doing in her personal life that was scandalous, Christ did not permit the situation to lead the crowd to any misunderstanding about the requirements of faith and redemption. The woman acknowledged the state of her soul and she also testified that even in her unworthiness, she was struggling and trying to catch the crumbs of grace from the Table of the Lord. After Christ baited people into public professions of faith, He'd say "Your faith has saved you".

Some people are on this earth to extinguish Light and some are holding the Light high. Poor Patrick Kennedy is left with the struggles of finding his way to the Light and he's still going the wrong way. God help him.

“We cannot allow us to miss this opportunity because some people are drawing a litmus test to this bill,” said U.S. Rep. Patrick Kennedy (D-R.I.) “For anybody running for especially my dad’s seat to condition their support on an issue as to whether they’re going to vote for it or against it . . . to me misses my dad’s legacy of health care for all.”

If prolifers having the litmus test at killing children as the antithesis of healthcare and it's throwing a monkey wrench into Ted's "legacy", so be it.

Here in Massachusetts, Daddy's legacy not only leads poor people to kill their own children, now, they won't even have any teeth.

We're not edified.

As I've said before - and I repeat here again - for the last 40 years, the abortion industry and the victims of wayward priests confirming people in their sins have been proselytizing that pro-lifers keep missing the boat on all the good things abortionists and their supporters accomplish when we focus on "one issue" instead of the "common good". Why are they suddenly obsessed about the subject matter of abortion?

Bernadin's seamless garment has been stripped from their hubris.

Naughty us, insist on advocating the constitutional rights of victims being burned alive, decapitated, or having their limbs ripped from their body with a vaccuum until they bleed to death. You'll pardon us for saying "Freedom of choice" my eye.

Pelosi said she doubted the anti-abortion amendment would survive the House-Senate conference committee, which will craft the final bill.

The House passed it. Now comes the Senate that will pass their own bill. Then, it goes to committee who snips and cuts and puts out the final version. Then, it goes back to the House and Senate. Then, the President signs it.

Everyone is on their side of the line in the sand.

It's going to be a feisty fight on the battlefield. Pony up the prayer warriors and the internet where we can debunk the Kennedys and Obamas "legacy" and promote the "legacy" of Christ.