Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas Decorating - wither the tinsel?

Christmas decorating is an act of love, isn't it?

Finding creative ways to decorate with things passed down through our families, displaying them differently and adding a few new things here and there--really creates warmth.

I finally ran out of a large supply of tinsel for the tree and after several stores in a 10 mile radius, I'm beginning to wonder if they've stopped making it. I have a few precious strands left that I made do with but I'm still on the hunt for more.

Fun things always happen in the midst of decorating/shopping/getting up the tree, etc. This year, my youngest daughter (17) supplied some laughter when I pulled out the couch to connect extension cords.

We were decorating the tree and she had decided to make us lunch and left me alone in the living room. She's always had this habit of stuffing her empty candy wrappers, potato chip bags -etc., under the couch. When I pulled out the couch and saw the mess of empty bags and water bottles, I yelled her name in frustration.

"Did you find my secret passageway to Narnia?", with a grin on her face.

I'll try to get some pictures of the tree up later on. I hope your decorating is enjoyable and filled with the peace and joy of the season.

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excessable said...

Hank Stuever has written a book about Christmas, profiling 3 families in Frisco. Hank calls us 'friskies'. ;) Check out, a great site based on Hank's book 'Tinsel'. This book is very enlightening and gives you some great food for thought.

Inspired by Hank and a few others, I'm blogging the 25 days of Christmas. I'm trying to get people to think outside themselves and writing about my experience doing just that. Read about the symmetrical hazy plastic people with flying peanuts, electronic pacifiers, Tom the homeless guy, trespassing in the name of art, the dead santas, skelemingos and upside-down Christmas trees, unemployed reindeer and much more Christmas excess.