Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Dirty Dozen?

A few more out of the Wood-work last evening. Last check - we were up to six.

I've had several lively discussions about the reasons why I think it's important to elevate this story.

The good old boys are out there spinning polls saying Wood's still has a positive image in the court of public opinion.

Hugh Hefner has stepped forward to say what is under the subterfuge of the positive image of Tiger Woods and his lifestyle - monogamy is overrated.

This is very much an escalation of the culture war. To ignore it, would mean being complacent in the degeneration of the culture we hand off to our children.

If people still have a high opinion of a man who would do what he did to his family, his children and the long line of emotionally and socially imbalanced women, there are ways to impact that opinion. The crowd will turn if we give his role model position leprosy. When a crowd turns, sometimes their ideas change. This is how how the culture swings back the other way.

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