Wednesday, December 16, 2009

How are things on Big Love?

With the horse's ass in the bunker, the Associated Press names him "athlete of the decade"?


I if you put aside his emotional abuse of tens (possibly hundreds?) of women, the destruction of his own wife and children, do you mean to tell me that the men at the associated press actually believe he could perform six or seven times a night with multiple women and then hop out of bed and be the best golfer in the world without cheating by using steroiddrugs?

People aren't really that naive, are they?


bam2066 said...

Carol Dear:

Six or seven times a night? Steroids? What proof do you have? Please share it with us!

I am saddened by his alleged behavior, but, honestly, this is between him and his wife. It's not your business nor is it mine!

By the way, what's your buddy Deal up to these days?

Lead Us Not Into Temptation said...

Merry Christmas Bam!

Why, you've got to keep up with the news! The long list of women and the professional prostitutes are giving details of the number of times he'd go in one day! 60 thou a weekend with multiple women from the brothel. He and Rachel would do threesomes and foursomes and go at it for days. Nothing more proof positive than straight from the mouths of the long list of whores themselves.

He got away with driving drunk and on drugs so I don't expect the press to out the drugs Tiger's doctor (whose been caught giving out steroids)was giving him. But rational people put two and two together. You don't he rolled around with five or six women all weekend long and then rolled off and won golf championships without steroids do you?

Speaking of naive, screwing multiple socially retarted women as a token of entitlement for playing good golf and thinking you fellas are going to keep him as a role model for our children is cunning. No dearie,until he goes down, this is my business and every woman's business.

How much more time do we have before the Sulllivant Guy gets paroled?

Lead Us Not Into Temptation said...


Oh, and BAM, you asked about Deal. I'm behind in reading what people send me in emails but I believe Deal's back kicking George Soros' phony katholics butt.

Remind me again, were you a reader in the days when a group of Deal's colleagues, green with envy and wanting to be king of Catholic outreach, dug up alleged behavior of and used it to take over Catholic outreach?

Phew, what days those were!

Smart people like you and I BAM, we know the difference between baiting every waitress at IHOP and cocktail bars into bed with you in real time and something one evening, 15 years ago repented, converted and spending the years following it in faithful service to the Church and his family - but there are some people who just aren't as intellectually gifted as you and I.

Don't get me wrong, his colleagues were smart enough to know the difference - but they were jealous about Deal's winning streak of political power that benefited the unborn.

Well, sure they took over all right. They learned the hard way they aren't fit to fasten Deal's sandals. The price we've all paid is the communist we now have in the White House.

In any event, he's back in the saddle!

God Bless Bammy!