Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Patrick Kennedy Trying to Put the Communion Dust Up "to Rest"

Is that right.

Well then, he ought to lay off the inaccurate statements.

“These are personal issues of faith for me,’’ he said after a forum about health care at Brown University.

Actually, no. The beauty of telling things to journalists is that they'll make private things public. Patrick used the journalists to represent himself as the arbiter of official positions in the Catholic Faith. Further, he gave the private letter from the Bishop about those "personal issues", to the journalist.

“I’m not going to indulge in this debate anymore. It’s really for me about what my constituents are most interested in now, and that is getting a health care bill passed that helps improve their lives.’’

But, it's clear the overwhelming majority of Patrick's constituents oppose handing the welfare of our health over to the government. It's also untruthful to say, it's going to improve any of our lives because the quality of medicine everyone is going to get will impair and threaten our lives - not to mention bankrupting hospitals and perhaps even financially imploding the American empire.

In fact, today, six Massachusetts hospitals have announced that they're suing the Commonwealth of Massachusetts because "healthcare reform" is threatening their solvency.

And, the poorest of the poor are the people being robbed of medical care.

Six Massachusetts hospitals are suing the state, saying they were shortchanged by the 2006 health care law.

The hospitals claim the state violated a law requiring health care providers be adequately reimbursed for caring for Medicaid and Medicare patients.

The six are known as "disproportionate share hospitals" because at least 63 percent of their patients are covered by public insurance.

Intellectual dishonesty has a way of metastasizing until it eventually robs you of everything. Patrick has consumed himself.

When a consumed soul starts to beckon the multitudes down into the hole with you,it becomes the responsibility of loving and caring people to make sure the errors are corrected in the public square.

It's too late to keep the issues "private". The horse is out of the barn.

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