Saturday, December 26, 2009

Sister Carol Keehan: Every Christmas Story Has a King Herod

As the USCCB was lobbying to stop the passage
of the life-threatening socialized medicine Bill on Christmas Eve, saying it “violates the longstanding federal policy against the use of federal funds for elective abortions and health plans that include such abortions—a policy upheld in all health programs covered by the Hyde Amendment as well as in the Children’s Health Insurance Program, the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program—and now in the House-passed ‘Affordable Health Care for America Act,’” -- Sister Carol Keehan and the initiative she set up to to whore for the abortion industry in healthcare, (under the auspices it is Catholic) were executing the orders for slaughtering of the innocents.

Catholic scholars say their statement reflects a different application of church teachings against “cooperation with evil,” a calculus that the legislation offers a way to extend health insurance to millions of Americans. For the Catholic hospitals, that it is both a moral and financial imperative, since like other hospitals they stand to gain from reducing the number of uninsured patients....

“We have known for quite some time that the Catholic hospitals and also the nuns are really breaking from these hard-line bishops and saying, ‘This really is our goal: to get more people into health care coverage,’ ” said Representative Diana DeGette, Democrat of Colorado.

National healthcare that will withhold treatment to seriously sick and old and our country's poorest of the poor. Yes, we must watch out for those nuns. If you're ever terminally ill or spending your last days on earth getting palliative care in a full hospital and you see them coming with a needle to open up your bed for tomorrows tonsillectomy, know they have the goals of getting more people into healthcare coverage - bless their hearts.

The most offensive part of these developments is only known to prolifers on the frontlines of the trenches in the defense of life: The formula for "cooperation with evil" is the brainchild of Cardinal O'Malley, Cardinal McCormick, and others, who were possibly given their lethal licenses from the National Catholic Bioethics Center. Though, Cardinal O'Malley and his corrupt henchmen at the Boston Chancery refused to release the NCBC report, O'Malley's publicity stunt in the public square made it appear as if the NCBC gave him the green light to create an entity to hire abortionists and drive women to them and enter into the lucrative contracts at just the right arms length.

And in practical political terms, some Democrats — including some opponents of abortion rights — say that the Catholic hospitals’ relative openness to a compromise could play a pivotal role by providing political cover for Democrats who oppose abortion to support the health bill. Democrats and liberal groups quickly disseminated the association’s endorsement along with others from the nuns’ group, other Catholics and evangelicals.

In February, the Vatican launched an Apostolic Visitation to find the religious impostors among US Catholic Religious.

There's a game played at the Vatican that reminds me of the scene from Casablanca when Rick Blaine shoots and kills Major Strausser so Victor Laszlo and Ilsa can board the get-away plane. Captain Renault, knowing full well "who done it" sends his troops out on a wild goose chase to "round up the usual suspects".

With millions of lives at risk for being cruelly terminated prematurely, they had two years of watching Sister Carol Keehan lobbying in the public square to create a perfect race for Obama, the socialists and abortion industry right on television, the newspapers and the internet and several of us sent the papertrails to Rome.

To permit Sr. Carol Keehnan to erect this concentration camp in the public square under the name Catholic while the Vatican is pretending they're looking under beds for religious impostors who threaten Catholicism and life itself, is a monument to their lack of sincerity.

The third and fourth Bishops in Ireland have resigned this week - and the fifth is trying to hold onto his See and his reputation in the wake of the horrific coverups. Aiding and abetting rapists and murderers is a compromise that's unacceptable.

Indignation when people get caught with the long papertrails of coverups, dog and pony shows about how they've turned a new leaf, they're proactively looking for the usual suspects -- it is getting old and tired.

Sr. Carol Keehan is a menace to the lives of children, the sick and the poor. She's actively participating in turning the country over to the death panels. She's as treacherous to the lives of children as Mengale in the Second World War.

What price will we all pay for the Vatican's coddling of treacherous people wearing their costumes of habits and collars?

In the meantime, the children of people who trust the Bishops of Massachusetts and New Hampshire are as safe as the taxicabs leaving Caritas Hospitals heading for the abortionists O'Malley hired - and the National Catholic Bioethics Center "blessed".

God help us all.

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