Sunday, January 17, 2010

Coakley, Menino and the Obamas have all found Jesus again.

At a morning prayer service in Dorchester for the victims of the earthquake in Haiti, Mayor Menino told the congregation that if the Democrats lose in Massachusetts, it's a vote for people who want Obama to fail.

And, look how many of us there are, that's the kick in the pants.

Martha Coakley, who was with him, praised Obama for trying to "bring America to a brighter future".

Do you suppose either of them mentioned the devastation caused by the earthquake?

How positively shameless to go into a grieving Haitian community where relatives and friends are still among the missing, the news reports showing people are without food and water and turn it into a political stump for Coakley and Obama.

I have an idea: Maybe the Cardinal ought to open up the Cathedral and have her explain to us her thoughts on how Catholics have the freedoms provided in the Constitution of the United States, but in her world view, we're going to be told where we can't work.

I think she'd fill the Cathedral, wouldn't you?

"You (Catholics) can have religious freedom, but you probably shouldn't work in the emergency room."

The whole idea behind the First Amendment of the Constitution, protecting religious freedom, is to foster tolerance in the public square and most especially in the workplace.

Constitutional Amendments actually apply to the workplace.

This is where Equal Opportunity Employment gets it's authority from the laws of the United States.

America is a country unified and respectful of each others religious convictions in the area of employment. When one person cannot carry out orders to euthanize a patient because of religious convictions, another person is supposed to step up to the plate because we are legally protected from being ordered to do things in the workplace that are against our religious convictions.

Of course, the problem is, once somebody refuses to kill or euthanize a patient, the next person realizes they're killing them. Then some people's consciences starts to bother them. Other people who believe the constitution gives license for anybody who wishes to kill another human being who would make, or is making your life more of a burden, jump into the donnybrook.

The Obamas who reportedly didn't attend Church services for Christmas or Easter last year -and come to think of it I don't think he's been reported to attend Church since his election - lo and behold, they're finally heading to Church too. He's going to talk about how to help the people Haiti.

Isn't this nice?

They've all found Jesus again.

What are the odds Obama too will mention something about the election?

What happened the separation of Church and State?

Wouldn't this be campaigning inside of Churches?

I'm sure Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good will get right on this.

Maybe we should complain to the Attorney General?

Oh, wait a minute - she's the party of the first part, isn't she.

Boy, wouldn't it take their thunder away if Brown were outside waiting for them and asked Coakley to expound upon her statement?

Presumably, you'd have to then draw the conclusion that Catholics ought not to be physicians, nurses, pharmacists - right?

I know these aren't Catholics, but Church-going people are generally pro-life across the board and they certainly would be appalled Coakley sees the government as having the right to dictate places where the constitutional freedom of religion doesn't apply?

The irony of these three politicians who have been fighting the right to life their entire political careers now using a gathering where relatives and friends are without food and water in a country where everything has been leveled in a catastrophic event, does not go unnoticed.

Jesus, deliver us from this slavery.

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