Friday, March 19, 2010

Is Bart Stupak derailing?

This doesn't seem like a good idea.

Although Stupak provided no details on the agreement, it could consist of a "concurrent resolution" that would change the abortion language in the Senate bill, but the Daily Caller reports today that parliamentary experts say such a resolution may not work to get a guarantee to ban abortion funding.

Pro-life advocates are concerned that an agreement could be reached and that the Senate would defeat it or President Barack Obama would sign the pro-abortion health care bill and veto the abortion funding ban.

That Pelosi is willing to negotiate after initially refusing to so may indicate she doesn't have enough votes for Sunday's planned vote on the pro-abortion bill.

Stupak said Pelosi and her colleagues "don't have the votes, or they wouldn't be talking to me."

Before the interview, Stupak announced a press conference with "other pro-life Democrats" he would not name for 11 a.m. Saturday morning.

He told The Hill he "hopes" he'll have an agreement to announce, saying "there's a proposal out there but nothing yet and we want to see it in writing and massage it."

She doesn't have the votes, so why would you give them to her when the abortion defunding deal would be as reliable as the phantom 60 thousand Catholic nuns?

This is definitely not the time to win a battle that will lose the war.

Come on Bart, we love you but keep both oars in the water!


Frank in Billerica said...

Stupak will cave. He is a Democrat.
The Democrat Plank is Abortion on demand. He cannot claim allegience both to life and the Democratic party because that would constitute a lie.

Carol McKinley said...


I'm not feeling confident either. He's fought a good fight on this though. keep praying..