Tuesday, April 6, 2010

James Carroll Wants to Rescue Catholicism... from the Vatican

Well, come on.   You knew sooner or later all the created hoopla in the press about the Pope was their causeway to finally break open the internal schism they've been creating for the last forty years, right?

Ta da!

Pope Benedict XVI has denounced the predator priests with due severity, but he cannot credibly chastise their enabler bishops because he has been one of them. The whole Catholic Church seems to be in crisis, but what is really at stake here is the collapse not of Catholicism, but of Catholic fundamentalism...Fundamentalism is the raising of religious barricades against tides of change.

 The irony here is that the priests among those hopping from one sack to the other, pining for those three days in Woodstock, are now out there criticizing the Pope for not catching them and doing something about it and so therefore this proof positive that the religious barricades against the tides of change must be ripped down.  

They weren't expecting Richard McBrien's pack of wild boars to bring about the raising of religious barricades at the doors of the seminary to lock their prototypes out of our future.  

They hijacked the consciences of the flock and engineered the spiritual chaos that has finally hit pay dirt with the election of their king.

The sorcerers have set their false church up, all the pieces are in place and they're calling for their people:

An example of what must happen now came from the American nuns who recently defied the Rome-obsessed bishops to support President Obama’s health reform bill. The nuns acted as if the reforms of Vatican II are real. Now priests and lay people must do the same, rescuing the Catholic Church from its fundamentalists, including the present pope.

They've purged, but as they go on and on, the numbers of Catholics being brought into the Church are on the way up, not down.

Strike the shepherd.  Sheep scatter.  The few witness and the sheep multiply.

Christ's Church is invincible.

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