Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Archbishop Jose Gomez was named as Cardinal Mahony's replacement!

I can't say enough good things about Archbishop Gomez.  He knows his purpose is the salvation of souls. He's kind, gentle, courageous.  He's devoted to serving the poor without simultaneously handing them over to the serpent.

Here's a well-written synopsis:

Michael Barber, a professor of scripture and theology at John Paul the Great Catholic University in San Diego, wrote in The Sacred Page blog that Gomez “fits the template” of a typical appointment by Pope Benedict XVI: He is well-educated, with a doctoral degree in theology; he has worked in Rome, for the Pontifical Commission for Latin America; and he “has experience in priestly formation,” the training of young priests.
Gomez is a former member of Opus Dei, a conservative and controversial Catholic organization (known to most Americans because of its unflattering role in “The DaVinci Code,” which Opus Dei leaders denounced as misleading and offensive).
He built a reputation in San Antonio as a staunch traditionalist who reversed some of the more liberal-leaning initiatives of his predecessor. According to local press reports, he disbanded a Justice and Peace Commission whose members disagreed with his support for a state constitutional amendment barring gay marriage, and he once denounced a local Catholic college for hosting then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, an advocate of abortion rights.
Since taking over the San Antonio archdiocese in 2005, he has pleased some members of the community with his strong anti-abortion stance and his insistence on traditional church doctrine, while alienating others who favor a more progressive approach, according to the San Antonio Express-News.]

James Carroll better check in with Timothy Leary for more talking points.   

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