Monday, April 26, 2010

My piece at NPR today

Church Allegations are Unjust and Sensationalized


Anonymous said...

Excellent! You always have my prayers, hopefully they'll keep you going in Fighting the Good Fight!

Anonymous said...


Your courage in the face of a world of Catholic liberalism gives me great pause. Sometimes I grumble to the Lord ,as the prophet Elijah in 1 Kings 19, who cries out in despair feeling he was the only faithful one left to be zealous for God. Of course He wasn't alone..and neither are we.There's always a remnant of the faithful.

I wish I had the stomach for the criticisms you've endured.I don't ...yet...but I'm learning from watching you and others.

We have to help one another see as the prophet in his day saw; the clouds of rain are coming though we are in the midst of a spiritual drought. When the first rain cloud was finally visible on Mt Carmel it was as small as a man's hand but Elijah proclaimed in faith what others couldn't see in the natural ...the rain is coming.

You keep crying out like the prophet Elijah . You're not alone and God will reward your faithfulness and courage.

Blessings from
Your Florida fan !

Carol McKinley said...

Thanks so much.

Criticisms are hard at first but you do learn to put them into perspective - and on good days, even use them for penance. Finally will come a day when you say 'criticisms, schmiticisms'. And another, when you enjoy them and even grow from them.

There is a learning curve. Maturity. (Some days still immaturity!) Grace.

Yes, I think witnesses give great courage to others in these days.

Delighted to hear you have your hands on the torch.

You go.

Maryanne said...

You do inspire, Carol. Putting yourself out there to tell the truth on NPR no less, which is just where it needs to be told. Thanks for the show of courage. It does help the rest of us build up ours.

Meg said...

Ditto for me on helping me overcome own reservations to put myself out there to be criticized.

You are in my prayers.