Saturday, April 24, 2010



Anonymous said...

I have a question for you. I recall following your blogging on the Robert McFadden stuff. That sicko who used to work for the Ohio Democrats as a false Catholic, and was involved with some terrible victimization of drug-addicted women in Columbus.

My question is: Are you aware that he seems to have been released from prison early? He got an awfully light sentence to begin with, but as far as I can tell he has already been released!

Here's why I think so. There's a site where you can look up all of Ohio's prisoners. The link is here:

McFadden's mugshot and so forth used to be on there. When someone is released from Ohio's prisons, they remove that stuff, unless he's on what's called APA Supervision. He used to come right up on that site, but now he's gone. So I think this must mean he got early release.

At that same above link, there's a link to here:

Where you can look up sex offenders. He's listed there. I think the way it works is they only list the sex offenders there after they have been released from prison.

So, yeah, it appears he only did a few months in prison for all of those terrible crimes. I'm posting this to you because you had a lot of personal knowledge about this guy and had blogged a lot about him. And it seems they quietly let him out of prison early. From a light sentence to begin with! Did his political connections help him?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, as far as I can tell, it seems McFadden was released at the beginning at March. I haven't confirmed this for sure. I base this on the fact he's no longer coming up on the offender search site from the Ohio prison system, and he has a March photo on the sex offender list. It's amazing how short a time he spent behind bars. I think he's a serious threat to the community, but I can't find anyone else mentioning that he's apparently back on the streets.

I posted a few times at your blog anonymously when he got arrested. I sorta have a personal interest in this case for a variety of reasons, and I thought your blog was doing a good job on it.