Sunday, April 18, 2010

No time to blog...

I have had a few updates to some posts - - one about the Scot Landry situation and another about MCFL's email -- but I seem to be lacking the time to blog about it.    

I spent some time today trying to answer the 9500+ emails in my email box that have accumulated over the course of the last three months.   I keep thinking I'm going to have time to go back and answer some of them substantively (and some should be answered substantively) but I can't seem to get to them. I keep answering the most recent ones and the others just keep accumulating.     If you've written me with something and I've ignored it - please know that it was my intention to reply to it...that I appreciate your insights, I read all of them -- and I'm trying to get through them.

I have some social things going today and won't be able to blog until tonight (hopefully) - but I do have very important updates so please check back in.

Until I can get to it, here's a fun thought that came in my emails this morning:

Did you notice, pagan Europe, Soon to be here in the States, is being blanketed with soot and ashes from a volcanic eruption, just as they were laying out plans to defrock Pope Benedict.  All through Lent, Good Friday and through his 83rd Birthday, the media has mocked the Church, and now God has spoke and Europe is shut down for all air travel and loses $200m a day.... Covered in SOOT AND ASHES!
What a message to REPENT (LK 13:1-5) 

Penance, Penance, Penance.

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