Sunday, April 18, 2010

MCFL Sends Out A Further Clarification

We at MCFL have been afraid that certain political happenings would make people draw logical but incorrect conclusions.
Yesterday I sent out the explanatory email, which is below this one, where I tried to be polite and subtle.
Some people say they are confused, so let me be more specific.

Dr Mildred Jefferson is giving a nominating speech for Christy Mihos for governor.
This would lead you to the logical but incorrect conclusion that Mihos is pro-life and supported by Mass. Citizens.
Mihos takes a pro-abortion position with the exceptions that I copied and pasted from his web site.
Mass. Citizens does not support him.

Some very reputable people are supporting Karyn Polito saying she is a "stellar pro-family" candidate.
The term "pro-family" developed in 1980 and meant "pro-life plus..."
This would lead you to the logical but incorrect conclusion that Polito is pro-life.
Polito has a perfect pro-abortion rating from NARAL based on her voting record.
Mass. Citizens does not support her.

I hope this helps. Anne

I appreciated the clarification and was relieved to learn MCFL is not endorsing Mihos or Polito.  This certainly wasn't good news to Boston prolifers.  Jefferson was the President of MCFL just a few short years ago. Pap ran a Catholic political action gig here in Boston.   

MCFL still characterizes Scott Brown as a prolifer, the lack of clarity about what decisions go behind which proaborts get MCFL's endorsements is a major source of confusion that is going to cause more fractures in the prolife movement in the next two elections.

Last week Anne sent out an email that took delight in Brown's scheduled commencement speech at BC Law School: 

"Last August, when I first starting asking you to contact your congressmen, you probably thought, "This is Massachusetts for goodness sake".  Look at what you accomplished! We got two votes for Stupak restrictions, one vote against the health care in the house, and Scott Brown - all from Massachusetts, for goodness sake.
Now we look at November and you know what - we'll do it again! 
FYI, Scott Brown will be the speaker at the Boston College Law School Commencement.  BC Law does have the best speakers, don't they?"

Well, no actually.   Janet Reno?  Scott Brown?   Many people are not edified.   

Can't you see what is happening?

Scott Brown enjoyed MCFL's endorsment even though he supports of Roe v. Wade, he states that abortion is of very little importance to him, he will not vote to affirm judges who would "legislate from the bench", he voted to force Catholic hospitals to supply abortifacients against our constitutional rights and he voted to increase the buffer zone.  Yet, he is deemed to be "prolife" by MCFL.

I don't understand when it got to the point where we did a dance around a proabort politician to try to find something to call him "prolife".    But whenever it happened, this is the cause of Mildred and Victor Pap's confusion.  If prolife leaders are not willing to stand up to this confusing controversy, we are toast.  

Politicians can support abortion but their thoughts about the buffer zone qualify them as prolife.  They can vote in favor of increasing a buffer zone and call prolifers "protesters".   They can be prochoice but not have a voting record.  They can be for a woman's "right to choose" but oppose paying for it with taxpayer money.   The Cardinal's giving insurance to the poor while signing abortion contracts so the poor can obtain abortions is prolife.  Patting children on the head is prolife.

Everything now is "prolife".     Wwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!      
I'm really kinda sorta scared to be 'doing it all again in November'.

There's a source of confusion that Anne's email has yet to address.
What I'm most concerned about, is that it is a source of confusion to voters who are relying upon the leadership of "reputable" prolife leaders to clarify for them.  They don't have the time or the zeal like we do to flush it out.  We are the source of the revelry and we've got to straighten out the crooked lines before there is helter skelter come November and 2012.
Look, I have my list of flaws like everyone else. The principalities and powers and our humanity get to us all.    This is not about giving Anne a kick in the pants.     

The train has derailed.  Let us face it and get it back on track.

Here is the action item:  Let Anne and MCFL know that Scott Brown has got to be servered from the prolife movement.  When you do so, you are not being "mean" to Anne.   If Anne or anyone else perceives this as being "mean" that is a penance you need to just suck up and take to the cross.  

God Bless Anne, God Bless MCFL, God Bless everyone reading this.

Now, pony up kiddies.

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