Saturday, April 24, 2010

Please Take Action -Fr. Bryan Hehir Keynote Speaker at Bishop Lynch's April 29th Heterodox Conference

The date for the Booty Call Conference orchestrated by  Roman Catholic Bishop of St. Petersburgh, Florida, at which Cardinal Sean O'Malley's Archdiocescan cabinet Secretary Rev Bryan J. Hehir is a keynote speaker, is rapidly approaching  (April 29th). 

Information about the Conference can be found here, here and here.

The Bryan Hehir Exposed crew have now put up a TAKE ACTION page.    They've set up the ability to send A FAX free of cost through the internet.  Please look for the feature on the page that says   "Sending a free Fax via the Web"

They have asked me to appeal to my readers to take advantage of this technology, to send the fax to the Papal Nuncio and Cardinal Rey.  They recommend a fax but the information to send an email is also available on the page.

Please also call the Nuncio and ask that your fax or email be shared with the Nuncio -- and then email a short note to Francis to confirm that you sent the communication.    They are trying to keep track of the number.

Frank's email is:

Bishop Lynch's invitation to round up people to advise them on being promiscuous is the first action to use the sexuality of another human being in a scandalous way.    It is very important to put the paper trail on the desks of the right people on this one.

Please take a moment and do it now.

Worthy is the Lamb.

Be sure to circle back to their blog and catch up on the latest post at Bryan Hehir Exposed.

With the volumes of scandal that Fr. Hehir has been involved with, that Cardinal O'Malley would continue to keep him on as as his must trusted adviser is a matter that really needs vigorous activism to unravel.    More on this later.


LightOneCandle said...

Just sent my free faxes to the Cardinal and the Archbishop. That was so easy to do.

Anonymous said...


We have set off a small firestorm here in Florida..I knew if people could read about these keynote speakers they would be appalled. Thanks to you and the "Hehir Exposed" website it was very easy to do.

Prayer and fasting ....
God Bless you all in Boston for helping us out

Rob said...

Just sent my e-fax too. I opened the Bryan Hehir Exposed website twice, once on the take action page and another on fax page and it was very easy to use.

The Bryan Hehir Exposed website is extremely well done. Tip of the hat to those involved.

Carol McKinley said...


Thanks for letting us know it is all kicking up some dust. Glad to be of help. Thanks for alerting us to it!

Drop me an email, would you?

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