Friday, April 30, 2010

What the bleep is THIS?

Ok, it's a crass and unlady like thing to say.....but YOWZA.

This is no lie, when I read this story, I almost choked to death on my  sunflower seeds.
See this fellow over here ---------------------------------------------->

That's the Bishop!

And, that's the least craziest thing about this story.

A group calling themselves Christefidelis  operated some kind of a Miami Vice sting. Among the things they allege is Archbishop John Favalora and the Catholic Charities of Miami owned several thousand shares of stock for popular liquid aphrodisiac sold in strip joints and gay clubs.

I kid you not.  Liquid aphrodisiac. 

I didn't even know there was such a thing.

Imagine sleeping with an individual you actually have to drink something in order to turn the equipment on?

(Though I must confess - this is not as evil as what was done in Boston under the Cardinal O'Malley regime - the killing of the children of the poor in exchange for cash into the diocesan coffers....I digress.)

Apparently several Catholics in Christefideles sent a report to Rome on the information they were fed about four years ago.

These Catholics are finally able to divulge what has taken place since that time.

The aforementioned attorney, Ms. Sharon Bourassa, was contacted by a Vatican monsignor, who met with her in person and assured her that the Holy See would be investigating each and every one of the allegations presented in the report. Ms. Bourassa shared with this monsignor the names and contact information of several confidential eye witnesses, including several priests. Months later, this monsignor contacted her again, informing her that our allegations had all been vindicated, and that Rome was going to act on the report. This was in the late Fall of 2006.

Four years later, Rome has finally acted, and in doing so has vindicated RenewAmerica columnist Matt Abbott, myself, Ms. Bourassa, and all the lay faithful of the Archdiocese who have suffered tremendous persecution and ostracization for defending the integrity of the Catholic Church's doctrine, liturgy, and moral witness.

And we owe a debt of gratitude to our supreme pastor, Pope Benedict XVI.
Four years.


While I can't claim to be edified that it took four years and the edict was to ask this Bishop to take an early retirement, I'm very glad that the Catholics who stood up against the "don't tell" culture were supported and vindicated by the Vatican.

Gives a lot of people in Boston "hope".   We are probably in for a longer haul than we expected.  But, by the Christ, we will all march on exposing Cardinal O'Malley's cabal.

The Vatican has named Bishop Wenski to clean up after this wolf.

It really does make a difference to bring what is going on under the radar into the light.  To pack it up and package it all - over and over again.   Bring it to everyone's attention.    It takes time, an absurd amount of time, but efforts of laity turning up the heat are breaking loose in every diocese.

Pray the Rosary.  Fast.  Adore, Worship.

Then, buckle up.  It's going to be a long bumpy ride.

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