Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Charles River is finally clean

Eight million gallons per hour of clean water were dumped into the Charles River yesterday.

Thank God, they were able to jury rig something up so firefighters could have the water they need to put out fires. One minor glitch - two million residents of Greater Boston have untreated pond water coming out of their faucets.

We've had water problems in suburbia a few times. It is royal pain in the backside. Most people avoid restaurants because they don't want food that's cooked with boiled untreated water.

Local coffee haunts usually switch to bottled water but a lot of people don't trust it. And there's good reason for that:

“In the short term, we don’t have a need to brew in the next couple of days,’’ Sullivan said, adding that “boiling is part of the normal brewing process.’’

Cambridge drug maker Genzyme Corp. said its Allston plant, which uses a lot of water, has seen no indication of contamination.

Some people don't mind feeding their customers boiled pond water and others pretend the problem doesn't exist.

Have you ever seen the gross deposits one single group of ducks leave on the ground? Would you drink water after one minute of boiling what a few hundred thousand ducks live in?


Some shut down rather than deal with it. What is baseball in Boston without Fenway Franks? I'm not a hotdog eater myself (my mother used to call them cancer sticks) but at least they have the decency to refuse to feed their customers water mixed with pollution, bird and fish poop.

Then, there's the problem with washing clothes. The sick and elderly who don't have the energy and resources to manage it.

Merchants are having a hard time keeping up with the demand for residents as water in every store was just about gone within an hour.

Good times.


Anonymous said...


I want to say I'm speechless...but then again an Archbishop here in Miami was run out through a "Miami Vice" sting. As you say, it IS surreal. We tried hard to keep Rev. Hehir out of Tampa. All I know is it's like a sword that pierces my heart and drives me to my knees every day.

In this month of May let's call on the Blessed Mother to intercede for her children and the church.

Oh Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.


Carol McKinley said...

More time for the Bishop to focus on his aphrodisiac business. You're getting a great Bishop down there who knows what's going on.

It will unravel. God will not be mocked. You did a great job in organizing and executing the letters to the Nuncio and Rome. Keep at it.