Sunday, May 2, 2010

Cardinal Sean's Blog and the Corleone's (Part One)

You know that scene in the Godfather when Michael Corleone is attending the Baptism of his child?

The scene shifts back and forth to the massacres being carried out and everyone all dressed up in their Armani and Prada in the reverence of the moments of the Sacrament?

Lots of people on the ground will, from time to time, send me links to Cardinal Sean's Blog when the corruption has reared it's ugly head and/or they use the blog to cover up that corruption.

For me, knowing the strategy behind the power of Cardinal O'Malley is to take corruption and spin it, slander people who bring corruption to their attention, - It is gut-wrenching. It's gut-wrenching because it tells me that nothing at all has changed in the culture of the Church. In fact, in my experiences, the culture of covering up corruption has intensified.

One never knows when one will wake up to find the equivalent of a horses' head in your bed planted by the people holding the seats of power at the Bishops' Offices.

There is a disparity between what appears to be going on at the Cardinal's blog and what is really going on.  I don't go to his blog often because it reminds me of that scene in the Godfather.

It's one thing to have Cardinal or Bishop that is naive and acting in good faith. It is completely another to know the Cardinal and his staff holds the evidence in their hands and instead of honesty and dealing with evil, they use a communication medium to preserve the corruption, thwart the general public (and the Vatican) from learning the truth and then slander the people bringing errors to their attention as "people doing a great disservice to the Catholic Church".

This is and always has been the internal rot that has scandalized the Roman Catholic Church.

There are a host of problems that manifest themselves in this environment that I'm going to break out into a few parts. Believe me when I tell you that "Cardinal Sean's Blog and the Corleone's" could be an ongoing blog about "the good old boys" and the culture they foster in the Church.

For all the promises in the public square about willingness to undergo change, this change has not happened on the level of Cardinals and their Cabinets.

Not only is there an unwillingness to reform this dynamic on the level of a Bishop, there are various Vatican dicastries and people operating them who will go out of their way to try to ratify the power of the corrupt.

Not only was nothing done to stop Fr. Hehir from attending a conference mired by proponents of sexual and liturgical scandal , the Cardinal this week put up a post venerating Fr. Hehir and explaining how much he and the corrupt operating his Cabinet are thrilled that a save-Hehir's-reputation arrangement has been made with an invitation to participate in a symposium at the Vatican:

We are pleased to announce that Father J. Bryan Hehir, Cabinet Secretary for Social Services and Health Care, has been invited to participate in a symposium hosted by the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace at the Vatican this coming October. The topic for the symposium is “Caritas in veritate and the United States” and is the result of a joint collaboration with the Pontifical Council and the Institute for Advanced Catholic Studies at the University of Southern California. The Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace is a ministry of the Holy See dedicated to promoting justice, peace and human rights throughout the world. Pope Benedict XVI, in his latest encyclical, Caritas in veritate, speaks to the issues of “integral human development” and what justice means in today’s global economy.
Father Hehir is an international expert in the area of ethics and foreign policy and the role of religion across the global landscape and in American society. His work has encompassed a broad range of challenges that he has met with distinction, including taking leadership of Catholic Charities USA two days prior to the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. He very carefully and capably guided that agency through some of our nation’s most difficult hours, ensuring that Charities’ essential services continued to be provided during the crisis. He also served on the staff of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, addressing issues of both foreign and domestic policy for the Church in the United States.
I am very grateful to Father Hehir for his continued service to the Archdiocese of Boston as priest, cabinet secretary, strategic advisor and professor and for his long standing commitment to pastoral ministry in the prisons, our parishes and with Pro-Life ministries.
Having known Father Hehir for more than 20 years, he was one of the first people I asked to join me when Pope John Paul II appointed me Archbishop of Boston. He has brought a vast understanding of the important place our Church has in society and inspires us with his compassion, vision and fidelity to the work of the Church. His voice brings clarity to our message and mission in serving the Catholic community here in Boston.
We are pleased and honored that Father Hehir has been invited to participate at the Pontifical Council symposium and are confident he will provide many helpful and important contributions to the proceedings.
Until next week,
Cardinal Seán

An international expert on ethics, is he?

The guy couldn't figure out the ethical condundrum of  the Caritas-Centene abortion contracts until five lay people stood up and explained it to them.  As my friend CJ Doyle of the Catholic Action League stated, the whole lot of them at the Chancery were so dumbfounded by the ethical condundrum in hiring people to kill children, they had to outsource their consciences to the National Catholic Bioethics Center.

Ethical expert my foot.

This action by the Cardinal is truly mind boggling.

What do you get when you are exposing a person using their power to corrupt the infrastructure of the Catholic Church for over 35 years, Her teachings and working with the Kennedy School of Government to hand this country over to Marxism?

First comes using the media to run infomercials on the corrupt party.

When this fails, they move right into intimidation tactics.

As far as I'm concerned, lay people must put this dynamic right back under the noses of the Nuncio, Cardinal Re and others to document it in a paper trail.

Having worked in the grassroots level, in the hand-to-hand combat since Cardinal Sean arrived, I receive many, many communications from lay people about what is going on.  They contact me to help them strategize on how to handle something going on at the diocesan level.  They come back to me with what is said and done and of course, these things generally move up the ladder to the national and Vatican levels as a result of obfuscation and persecution from Chancery officials.

These experiences have given me a tremendous amount of knowledge about Cardinal Sean's players.

Rest assured, there is a local network and a national network that helps put information into the right hands of people who have the power way, way above Cardinal O'Malley's head.

We have unraveled many things this way.  (You don't think the Cardinal and his Cabinet is responsive to a couple of hundred lay Catholics, do you??   We have the ability to get things into the right hands.   I should build a chronology because even I forget about how extensive this list actually is!) 

We do not operate on any organized level.  It's a very loose network of respected bishops, priests, lay theologians - there are people with money, there are people with political power, there are people with absolutely nothing but a family holding onto the tenets of our faith to give to our children, grandchildren.

These experiences give some insights into the flaws that still exist in the good old boy culture of the Roman Catholic Church that some Bishops are holding onto for dear life.

Most people in the diocese are clueless about what is happening and so the blog  is an effective medium to make Cardinal O'Malley's administration appear to be Catholic.  But, as anybody loyal to the teachings of the Church who really work hands-on will tell you, it is definitely not Catholics running the operation.  The people in control of the diocese are political cronies of the Obama Administration and the political arena that works against the Catholic Church Congressionally and Legislatively.

Amazingly, the Boston Globe and the PR people from the Archdiocese appear to be one and the same. The Globe had changed from mistrusting Bishops to a spin machine for the corrupt Cabinet running the Archdiocese of Boston.

Lots of people gave the Cardinal the benefit of the doubt for years.      But, it just became impossible to believe he would or could be hijacked in so many ways.

This comments section on Bryan Hehir Exposed has haunted me since reading it last week. 

You'll have to read the whole thing to get the context, but this comment really struck me:

The friars at St. Anthony’s Shrine think aging gay men exploiting teenage runaways is barrel of laughs?
The friars agreed to divulge their sex lives to Pomphret as fodder for his books?
At what point will they take action if not a newspaper article claiming the sex lives of priests at St. Anthony’s Shrine were used for these novels and yet they know some of the stuff this man wrote was about sexually exploiting runaway teenagers?
Nothing has been done about it by the Cardinal Archbishop of Boston but Fr. DiLorenzo has been censured by him?

In thinking about all of the orthodox priests and lay people who have been removed, threatened, silenced -- this just brought home to me what the cabal at the Archdiocese of Boston is doing and how incumbent upon us it is to continue to hold Cardinal O'Malley's fellow Bishops, the Nuncio and the Vatican's feet to the fire.

If they are serious about removing Bishops and Cardinals who are too sissified to stand up to the cabal protecting priests who think porn about teenage runaways is hilarious while simultaneously censoring and threatening those who expose their corruption, the Archdiocese of Boston has a problem on it's hands.

Church Militants are alive and well.

We are not afraid.

I won't get into the indignity of having a Catholic Cardinal expressing how upset he is that America is country where entering her illegally is illegal.

Imagine the oppression of insisting people who want to live in this country, apply and go through legal channels? 

And, don't even get me started on the pictures of the "pastoral associate" conference.   It looks like a Bring Back Those Three Days of Woodstock  symposium where there isn't a man in sight.     Do they think they're creating a culture in the Church that is attractive to men, teenagers and families?

You want a picture of the women who have sissified men in this country and in our Church - there it is. 

n.b. I don't know what is going on with Fr. Tom DiLorenzo. I don't have access to his radio shows but I was told it's clear on his radio shows that he had been silenced. It also has circulated widely that he was given a letter listing things he is to be silent about so he is under threat. I am disappointed that Fr. Groeschel is participating in this endeavor. I do not have the time to track Fr. Groeschel down or even to get to my sources to sit him down for a nice talk, but eventually, God will free up the time to do so.


Anonymous said...

May I suggest folks pick up all those extra "Cardinal Appeal" envelopes at the back of most churches & fill then with a few articles on Bryan Hehir explaining you'd love to contribute but not until the Cardinal's house is cleaned up?

Anonymous said...

I think involving Fr. Groeschel in the Fr. Tom case will turn out to be a blessing. He is absolutely respected in the wider church; he is a psychologist and can give a professional and theological evaluation of what he is told about the way things work here in Boston; he certainly will make up his own mind, he's not "owned" by anyone. (I remember something I read that's credited to Fr. Groeschel: "The word 'relevant' is spray painted in irridescent purple over the gates of hell." He's certainly not a leader in the PC, spirit of Vatican II church.


KD said...

May I suggest folks pick up those extra "Cardinal Appeal" envelopes at the back of most churches & load them up with articles about Bryan Hehir & explain until the Cardinal cleans up his house no money will be sent.

Carol McKinley said...

oops -sorry. If there's a delay between having your comment posted, it's because I have comment moderation on for a tiny bit until I have a stalking situation under a little control. One of the glorious things about blogging

A - They're losing money like the water that leaked yesterday in Boston. I think we need to be much more proactive in getting our high level orthodox donors to find other Catholic ministries to support too.

M - I wholeheartedly agree about Fr. Groeschel.

What a glorious weekend!

Stephanie G. said...

Word about Boston is getting out, thanks to the internet. Catholic Citizens of Illinois has picked up the latest posting from the Bryan Hehir Exposed blog, along with the Cardinal's transparent touting on his own blog:
It is so disconcerting for faithful Catholics here to see how the Cardinal is handling this expose. He knows what's going on because, for one thing, many people have called it to his attention very recently. To have him ignore what they're saying - and basically to contradict the facts with his praise - is very discouraging. (You do have to scroll through the requisite 27 pictures of himself on the blog to to get to that item...)
This makes me only want to defend the Faith with more zeal than ever for the sake of my children.
I was going to say, sign me up as a volunteer for the Church Militant, but then I remembered - oh yes, that's what comes with the territory of being baptised!
This whole deteriorating situtation makes me even more determined to defend the Faith.

Anonymous said...


Has anyone informed the Nuncio and Holy See about the Cardinal's former secretary who ran away to New York with his lover the sportscaster?

Fr. Barchand is listed by the Archdiocese as being on a leave of absence.

Does the Archdiocese grant leaves to their priests to shack up with their homosexual lovers?

Anonymous said...


Maybe what's needed is some good old fashioned private detectives shadowing some of the sexually active priests in the Archdiocese?

In response to lay concerns about the situation in Boston, the Vatican has provided a shelter for Cardinal O'Malley and Fr. Hehir.

The Vatican will eventually respond to sex scandals exposed. Take them down one by one, make it clear laity will keep going until this regime in Boston is ousted.

We need some fresh ideas on "helping" the reformation along.

Just saying.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:07

This is nothing new for the Archdiocese of Boston. Cardinal O'Connell's nephew and his nephew's best friend did the same thing just about one hundred years ago.



Do you think these cardinals and/or bishops are victims of blackmail and trying to protect the Church? Or do you think they are malicious and out to destroy it?

As for Fr. Groeschel, well, my seventh grade Dominican teacher (Sr. Emeric), always told us: Tell me who your friends are, and I'll tell you what you are.

All I'm saying is: don't set yourself up for more disillusionment and disappointment.


Carol McKinley said...


I wouldn't rule out blackmail - but my guess is, it is inculturation in combination with a bunch of other things. It is the culture of the Church they are taught. In order to survive a seminary, they are indoctrinated. Anybody steps out of line to tell, they get tossed out. This continues throughout their career as a priest and then onto a being a Bishop.

I don't know - that's my guess.

Whatever it is, it is not the Spirit of God. They're a sick bunch.