Sunday, May 2, 2010

comment moderation is on...

I had a deranged stalker posting in the comment section and had to put comment moderation on for a bit. 

They'll go away when they get no satisfaction here - so bear with me for a bit.

Sorry about that!


Anonymous said...

Maybe you should try using your 'divine spell-check' feature.

'Comment moderation' makes a bit more sense.

Carol McKinley said...

You must be new around here!

Woman with job in town, house, two teenagers at home, blog and an inbox with 9400 emails I can't seem to ever catch up with.

Let me say with all humility that you are on a fool's errand if you going to try to micromanage the fruit borne of my lack of time to edit.


Something's gotta give. Sadly, editing is it!