Sunday, May 16, 2010

Jack Connors has Pulled out

Here's two more of Jack Connors and Bryan Hehir's colleagues from B.C.'s Boisi Center and the National Roundtable Leadership using the Boston Globe to capitalize on Cardinal O'Malley's  gracious gift of complete control over the Archdiocese (also known as "the power shift").

Here's James Carroll to say the magnet in his pants is dead.

Yet I offer a broad critique of something central to their lives and identities — the rule of celibacy. I write from inside the question..having lived as a celibate seminarian and priest for more than a decade the Bing Crosby glory days, celibacy seemed to convey another kind of sesame!.... From a secular perspective, the celibate man or, in the case of nuns, woman made an impression simply by sexual unavailability. But from a religious perspective, the impact came from celibacy’s character as an all-or-nothing bet on the existence of God. The Catholic clergy lived in absolutism, which carried a magnetic pull.

The magnet is dead. 
It's creepy thinking about this guy on the loose on unsuspecting...women.

Admittedly, few things this remnant pot-smoking Woodstock crowd ever gels for me, but I found this to be really out there:

But the Catholic scandal has laid bare an essential pathology that is unique to the culture of clericalism, and mandatory celibacy is essential to it. Immaturity, narcissism, misogyny, incapacity for intimacy, illusions about sexual morality — such all-too-common characteristics of today’s Catholic clergy are directly tied to the inhuman asexuality that is put before them as an ideal.
Immaturity, narcissism, misogyny, incapacity for intimacy...are tied to chastity and celibacy.

Just ask Tiger WoodsBill Clinton.  Jon Gosselin.  Mark Sanford.  John Edwards. 

Turn on any television and you'll see it's as plain as the nose on your face.  Reality TV.  Bachelor.   Who is cheating on who shows.

Yes, if you're looking for intimacy and morality, stay away from people who are faithful and loyal to God.

I won't bore you with any more details and cut to the chase:

Lies, denial, arrogance, selfishness, and cowardice — such are the notes of the structure within which Catholic priests now live, however individually virtuous many of them nevertheless remain. Celibacy is that structure’s central pillar and must be removed. The Catholic people see this clearly. It is time for us to say so.
And with that, there was still room to dig out...Sheldon Daly!

Sheldon was an original "Voice of the Faithful" crony.    A Bryan Hehir Boisi Boy, throwing a few dollars around impressing the Bishops salivating for cash.

  "In the face of prejudice"

You can imagine what this screed is about - Fr. Rafferty the bigot.

What a disgrace and division this Cardinal has brought upon the Archdiocese of Boston and the Catholic Church. 

He has sold Christ to the lions to be mauled for a few pockets full of cash.

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