Monday, May 17, 2010

Update on Fr. Rafferty, St. Paul's and Cardinal O'Malley's "Power Shift" in the Church to Jack Connors

I picked up some kind of bug that has had me down for the last 24 hours but I was able to at least read all of your emails.

First of all, there is unanimous consent across the diocese, both in lay people and Fr. Rafferty's fellow priests. 

Numerous priests contacted me yesterday to express their concern about who and what is operating the Archdiocese.  Because Fr. Rafferty is such a meek and gentle priest, a kindly soul who would not harm a fly, his fellow priests knew immediately that the diocese was not telling the complete story and that Fr. Rafferty was being set up for some sinister purpose by those now in full control of the Catholic Church in Boston.  

As physicians of souls, several expressed their concern that the Cardinal and his group running the diocese took a private conversation of Fr. Rafferty's in which Fr. Rafferty was attending to the soul of the mother and the family and made that conversation the antithesis of the vocation of priesthood.

Since they feel that Fr. Rafferty was set up for this (and there was also 100% consensus about this in those who contacted me), they expressed their observation that the Cardinal's actions in this indicate he is against and opposes private conversations concerning sin and the state of the persons soul and such conversations with be punished in the future.

Every priest I spoke with said they believe Fr. Rafferty should resign immediately and expressed that this what every fellow priest feels, with few exceptions. 

Many expressed that they now consider this regime in the Chancery a hostile environment to the priesthood of the Catholic Church and that they feel they are in survival mode.  Many said they are terrified about retribution when dealing with sin and salvation of a particular soul.  At any moment, Jack Connors could set them up for any private conversation they have with us about our sinfulness to be hijacked and misrepresented in the news.

The diocese silences the priest so that he may not tell what really transpired and his intentions and this frees up Teri Donilon and the spin machine to "go after one priest" by controlling the press to make it look like "discrimination" that they absolutely must set new policies on.

In the last 48 hours numerous priests in the diocese, expressed this in one way or another.

The situation in Boston for priests is dire.

There are no words to express how terrible this "power shift" is impacting the salvation of the faithful.  Conversations such as the one I described yesterday - when priests take private moments to find out what the obstacles of sin are to prevent you from practicing your faith - these are in peril.

The salvation of souls and our children's right to be educated in the Catholic faith is being shut down by Cardinal O'Malley and his regime.

It is a celebratory day of "chagrin" at the Cardinal's regime today.

The coup of the Catholic Church is now complete in Boston.   They are victorious. 

This will spread across our nation like a cancer.

Where is the National Catholic Register and other media sources who rely upon donors?

Right where they were when the Bishops were protecting pedophile rings.

Donors are controlling those sources and they will not permit exposition of corruption.

It is all smoke and mirrors.

Thank God for email and blogs.


In an effort to provide you the most accurate information available, I have one correction to make to my post yesterday.  

Though the mother's comments in the press indicate she initiated the conversation with Fr. Rafferty, new information I have obtained indicates that St. Paul's customarily meets with every parent of an incoming student in an effort to pastorally connect families who may be separated from the Church and the Sacraments to Sacramental grace. 

This is the opportunity for a priest to use to gather information on the real work of the Church - the intimate work between a priest and his people in connecting their souls to the Sacraments and Salvation of the Catholic Church.

This of course, has been hijacked and exploited by those with agendas to dismantle the Catholic Church in America from the Roman Catholic Church who now in complete control of the Boston Archdiocese. 

I want to remind you that there is a smoking gun that the mother of these children does not want the teachings of the Church on human sexuality to be taught to her child and her expectations are exclusions to doctrinal guidance by the school the Archdiocese provides to her:

But the woman said she was uncertain she would enroll her son in another Catholic school because she needed to learn more about their educational programs.
She added: "I will be a little bit more guarded in my questioning so I'll be able to have a real clear picture where they stand.

Fr. Raffertty has been silenced.   I am inundated with letters, phone calls, faxes and other communications from many priests and lay people in our archdiocese.  There is 100% consensus that Fr. Rafferty has been thrown under a bus to advance an agenda.


Exclamation point.

Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Pedophile rings is inaccurate.

It was the acceptance of homosexual activity within the seminaries.

Anonymous said...

"I will be a little bit more guarded in my questioning so I'll be able to have a real clear picture where they stand."

Sad, scary, and revealing. The adversary's agenda always comes down to testing the priest, testing the faithful, testing the Church. When the Lord returns in glory will He find faith on earth?


Anonymous said...

Money is everyone's bottom line. Sad, but true. It may be one of the reasons why Our Lord is allowing His Church to crumble.


Matt said...

I just got off the phone with I went to B.C. with and he confirmed your analysis of the situation under Archbishop Sean is 100% spot on.

I commend you on the great job you are doing getting this information out there. (I received it three times from local Catholics who are forwarding it.)

We're looking forward to your advice on what to do about the situation locally in our parishes and with the Holy See.

Jerry said...

Thanks for the emails, Carol. I hope this might lead to parents, along with good priests, taking back the Catholic schools before they die completely.

The other side of this wakeup call is that our bishops have been teaching homosex to grade schoolers in their classroom sex-ed programs, such as Growing in Love (see This is a good opportunity to spread the word, with the hope of truly cleaning house.

Anonymous said...


Here's an article by Jimmy Akin that really puts this thing into perspective: