Saturday, May 29, 2010

Jack Connors/Bryan Hehir Coup is Now Officially at the Halfway Mark

Yesterday, the big public announcement about Scot Landry was made.

While Jack Connors, Bryan Hehir and Jim McDonough run the Archdiocese and the Cardinal is running around taking pictures of himself to put on the blog, they'll tell Scot how to spin it and get it out with email, Facebook and Twitter.

Yes, when the Cardinal gets himself tangled up in signing an abortion business contract for cash, Scott will be Twittering that the people exposing it are doing a disservice to the Church.

When a notorious politician who legislated the killing children dies (including decapitating them alive), instead of insisting he have a quiet family funeral in a remote Church, they'll give him the send off of a martyred Catholic saint, invite the all the proabortion politicians to set up to the podium to undermine the teachings of the Church and Scott will be in charge of filming it for public television.

 Meanwhile, if one of your relatives dies, try to arrange having a paragraph read about them at the funeral Mass.

His new career with the media farce ploy of how to cover up the truth with a "Q and A"

Everyone understands Scot is between a rock and a hard place but from the perspective of those of us who know what's happening behind the curtains, it's a hard pill to swallow.  

Somewhere in the first of the new and improved publicity stunts was something about how these communications are all going to inspire us on how to Love the Lord.

I don't mean to be unkind, really I don't - but even if I could stretch my imagination beyond grace to believethese are the ways to "Love the Lord", do these folks think 'loving the Lord' is going to win the flock their leading unto salvation?

People can love other people but we can betray those people out of selfishness, greed and other forms of sin.  You can love your wife and family, but cheat on them.  You can love your job but embezzle.   

For crying out loud, JUDAS "loved the Lord".  The pedophile priests loved the Lord. You can love the Lord but betray him and when we do, we are cut off from eternal salvation in Heaven until we repent of those sins, confess them, be Sacramentally absolved from them and amend our lives. 
Our salvation is not about how little we think our transgressions are if we love God.  It is about obedience. That was God's lesson in Adam and Eve.   You know, that story about being tossed out of Paradise for eating an apple God told them not to eat.

The reason why it was over an apple was to teach the lesson of obedience even if you don't see the reasons why eating an apple is harmful.

This is why God used such a innocuous rule to ask Adam and Eve to be faithful to.

The light has finally dawned.

This is why Ted Kennedy got the send off he did and why Obama and the others were up in the Sanctuary, 'loving the Lord'.  This is why the Cardinal is out taking pictures of himself loving the Lord when there is complete chaos on what to teach the flock to earn their own salvation.

This is where they are leading the future of the education of the next generation of children.  Right into the abyss.

On a related subject, I have more news on Bryan Hehir's 'formation of the Catholic conscience and will post sometime over the weekend.   In fact, Boston Catholics are working behind the scenes to bring more exposition of what is going on at the Archdiocese of Boston under Cardinal O'Malley's watch so please tune in over the weekend.

BTW, Did you note how Scot gingerly does a jig around "who" has been handed the formation and development of consciences of Boston Catholics?

Why, it's the same people who circulated threats that priests will be cut off from funding if they make pastoral decisions about women who demand the teachings of the Church be silenced because they are "bigoted" - the Catholic School Foundation headed up Jack Connors.

The same people who revealed the donors are now in control of the Archdiocese and their demands will be met.   Inquiring minds want to know, why would your superintendent of schools and the Catholic School people be heading up the selection of the director of development for the Archdiocese?

One interested development though is that there is a "search committee" to replace Scot.  That is new news.  Last we knew Michael Reardon and Mary Grassa O'Neil were in the saddle.   Perhaps in kicking up the stinkeroo, the Cardinal was unable to carry out the plans as smoothly as they would have liked.

Check back in here at TTBO and Bryan Hehir Exposed and have yourself a fantastic Memorial Day Weekend.

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