Friday, May 28, 2010

Putting Together a Thesis for the "Committee" to Study the Future of Catholic Education in Boston

The team of lay Catholics in Boston working on Bryan Hehir's coup of the Catholic Church in America are putting together a thesis to hand off to the luminaries Cardinal Sean is rounding up to decide the future of forming Catholic evangelists.

The team has been headed up by Joe Sacerdo who has been working tirelessly on the project for the last few weeks. 

The idea is to publicly hard wire flawed reasoning of their initiative right under their noses so that the naive people who may be lulled into agreeing to go along with helping them draft the "excuses" that will give license to snuffing out the consciences of Catholic children, will be impossible for any of them to do if they are acting in good faith.

The "big picture" thesis is under construction at BryanHehirExposed.

Everyone opining on this seems to be covering just a narrow slice or two of the problem, and the hope is that we can put in one place all of the concerns, so that everyone who cares about this issue can see it all laid out on one page.  Why at BryanHehirExposed?  Well, we’re already the only place available to see all of Fr. Bryan Hehir’s history.  In addition, we’re doing this here because Fr. Bryan Hehir was the last voice heard (and literally the only voice audibly heard) from the Archdiocese of Boston on this issue–and he’s made some of the most controversial and perhaps deceptive and inaccurate statements  on the issue.

In this post, we will outline the issues at a high level, but we are going to flesh out the details over the next day, so check back later for more. Much of this you may have read before, but we just feel it all needs to be in one place so everything is exposed and can be dealt with.

When it's done, every high-level donor who is loyal to the Magisterium is going to have it in their hot little hands. Every priest in the diocese, every employee of the Archdiocese, every seminarian, prolifer and as many lay people we all have access to locally.  It will be distributed to national leaders, Bishops and the Holy See  - along with the paper trail of what has been going on under the Administration of Cardinal O'Malley with the requests for intervention.

Stay tuned kiddies and buckle up.



Anonymous said...

Carol: Love your blog! Just discovered it by googling "nutcase right-wing catholic loonies".

You are a hoot, dear!

Carol McKinley said...

"Carol: Love your blog! Just discovered it by googling "nutcase right-wing catholic loonies".

You are a hoot, dear!"

Fr. that you?

Marie Tremblay said...

Anonymous wites exactly like "Barn2066," a homosexual activist and ultra-leftist from the Archdiocese of Boston who is mentally unstable. He has left hundreds of comments at La Salette Journey and they have all been rejected. Many of these have been shown to me. If it is Fr. Hehir, he is severely disturbed. In his latest diatribe aimed at Paul Melanson, he refers to his semen as "love cream" and calls St. Thomas Aquinas a loonie.

Marie Tremblay said...

The IP Address of "Barn2066" which originates in Dedham Massachusetts:

Is this Fr. Hehir? If not, who is it? "Barn2066" writes exactly like anonymous and often uses the word "loonies." He just left another comment at La Salette Journey (where he has left many comments) describing Catholic Insight (Paul Melanson links to them in a blog post) as "right-wing catholic loonies."

Barn2066 has repeatedly accused Paul Melanson of being a "closet-queen," "repressed homosexual," and with numerous other hateful labels.

Carol McKinley said...

Oops, there goes my sense of humor getting me in trouble again!

Marie, no - it is not Fr. Hehir. I was just having some fun.

The post was made by poster who refers to himself as BAM something or other, I think. His IP address comes in from Warren, Rhode Island and is He's been around for a dog's age taking whacks at the Catholic Church and those who evangelize Her teachings.

Have a great weekend!

Carol McKinley said...

p.s. Come to think of it, I think BAM has written from Dedham also.

Very interesting!