Saturday, May 15, 2010

Obama's Funded Group "Catholics United" have stepped in to "put a stop" to "discrimination"

I am shocked, shocked with today's news that George Soros' funded "Catholics United" has announced they are taking steps to "put a stop" to "discrimination". 

The pro-Obama group, “Catholics United,” has launched a campaign putting pressure on Boston Cardinal Sean O’Malley to allow the enrollment of a lesbian couple's adopted child in one of Boston's Catholic schools.

The Catholic elementary school in Hingham, Mass. decided to withdraw the acceptance of an 8-year-old boy's enrollment after the principal and pastor learned the child's parents were a lesbian couple.

Authorities at St. Paul Elementary School explained that the decision was aimed at protecting the boy, since the teachings of the Church regarding same-sex marriage are at odds with the lesbian couple's lifestyle.

“We still have an opportunity to put a stop to this. Boston Cardinal Sean O'Malley has yet to take a position on the school's action. If he hears from enough of us, we think he could be convinced to do the right thing and reverse the decision,” urged the Catholics United web site.....

“Discrimination has no place in our nation's Catholic schools. Help us send a message that every child is worthy of a Catholic education, regardless of his or her family composition,” the statement said. 

Discrimination, my foot.

This is exploitation of a child on both sides of the fence.   The Archdiocese  is willing to psychologically traumatize a child by indoctrinating him into Catholic teaching about human sexuality knowing full well that will blow the lid off of his relationship with his mother and the adoptive parent in exchange for "money".

They know what they are doing, just as they knew they could not open up an abortion business and take profits from it by sending the child in a taxicab to their abortion business at another facility.  They were and are complicit in the murders of innocent children.

These Obama initiatives and the lesbian women are willing to sacrifice the psychological development of their child as the first of a two-step process to silence the teachings of the Church inside of the classroom.

 As commenter Tom put it succinctly:

Indeed, it's a selfish and a cruel method that may be a by-product of a life lived in denial of the truth of marriage and the Church, but a method that whose goal is to participate in the decimation of Catholic education and Catholic institutions from within, at the mere cost of their own child's moral and spiritual development.

And, of course, Catholics who are being pressured by donors to keep silent about Bishops and Cardinals (even if those men set up businesses to kill children) refuse to weigh in on it:

Conservative Catholic groups, meanwhile, have been mostly silent on the matter. "I don't really have a strong opinion on this one," said Deal Hudson, a prominent conservative Catholic activist, in an e-mail on Friday. "It's a matter of the individual bishop's discretion."

The reality is, he doesn't have a strong opinion because Inside Catholic has been sissified by donors.   There are Boston donors who will (and have in other apostolates) withdraw their cash if you expose the corruption of Catholic Cardinals and Bishops.

Just take a look at their website now.  It links and gushes about the National Catholic Reporter and the Vox Nova crowd   You typically find things there like "Doesn't anybody like Obama's Nominee for the Supreme Court" and other such tripe.    Thugs and bullies drove conservatives from the com boxes years ago.  There's one or two lone soldiers left over there fighting.     Holding lucid discussions about as enticing (and effective for the Church) as going to a Voice of the Faithful meeting on a Saturday night to listen to the blither undermining and watering down the teachings of the Church.

The USCCB gives money to Obama - they bad.   Tom Golisano give money to Obama - he good., etc.

If you've got 10 thousand dollars you can shut down any Catholic apostolate in the United States.  There are two or three operating who will not be bullied by money or do not have the cult of personality thing going on.

Do you really think Deal Hudson doesn't know that toppling Catholic education in Boston will not infect Catholic education in the rest of the country?

If he does, he's going senile.

This is the cult of personality that has toppled the Legion.  This cult of personality is in every diocese and parish. Apostolates tare bought and paid for by people with money.   It's a game of who knows who and who has enough cash to protect whom.  O'Malley is being protected by a high-level donor.

The Archdiocese doesn't give a pony's poop about how many signatures of people Obama's funded initiatives can produce.   This game is about choking the money.

And that is where we have got to go with it.

I have plenty of access to high-level donors in the Archdiocese and I am a zealous woman who can put the truth on the table and use plenty of zeal to dry up some big huge hunks of cash.

You want to play games with cash?

I'm in.

Have a great day kiddies!



Anonymous said...

Tom Golisano was honored with a building in his name at Tom Monaghan's Ave Maria University. O'Malley just received an honorary degree at AMU and was their keynote graduation speaker.

Carol McKinley said...

Tom Golisano gave a million dollars to get Obama and all the proaborts in place and honoring him at Ave Maria is good.

How then do you imply the USCCB is a boogeymen for giving money to proabort initiatives with a straight face?

Golisano's back is covered by donors. O'Malley's back is covered by donors.

Children being massacred by O'Malley's abortion contracts while he rakes in the cash under the layers of entity structures means nothing to people who want the money of these donors. They are a tool of the people who give them money.

The National Catholic Register belongs to the Legion. I don't say this to be unkind but the Register covered up Maciel. When Cardinal O'Malley was franctically trying to cover up his abortion contract deal, he called in a chit with the National Catholic Reporter. The Cardinal's PR people wrote a story that was filled with half-truths and lies and they asked the wanted it run in the Reporter as a Q&A. The National Catholic Reporter was quite willing to oblige him until several people got to Fr. Owen with the factual information about what was really going on. Though he wouldn't report what was really going on, he was silent about what was really going on, he at least had the decency to put the kibosh on the Cardinal's infomercial.

The victims of sexual abuse are 100% right on to say the cult culture of cover up controlled by power and money has not had a dime's worth of change.

Quite frankly, as others on blogs have pointed out, Cardinal O'Malley has turned a deaf ear to the friars at St. Anthony's Shrine whose sex lives were used to write poronographic novels -- who, according to the author of the porn,thought the porn books were amusing. Some of these books included tomes about sexual relationships with runaway teenagers.

These priests are in good standing here under Cardinal O'Malley.

It is utter nonsense to claim this corrupt regime has done more to protect the sexual abuse of children than anyone.

It is smoke and mirrors.

Absolute Rubbish.

Anonymous said...

I think you meant to say "National Catholic Register" here below - not Reporter?

"When Cardinal O'Malley was franctically trying to cover up his abortion contract deal, he called in a chit with the National Catholic Reporter."

Carol McKinley said...

Yes, thank you, the Register.

There is certainly no arm twisting necessary with the Reporter. Cardinal O'Malley is as popular at the Reporter as Bishop Gumbleton.


Anonymous said...

This has been my prayer for the Diocese of Boston this weekend: the eyes of a maid look to the hand of her mistress, so our eyes look to the Lord our God, till He have mercy on us.

Have mercy upon us O Lord , have mercy upon us, we have had more than enough of contempt,

Too long our soul has been sated with the scorn of those who are at ease, the contempt of the proud.

Ps 123 RSV