Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bryan Hehir on Sister Carol Keehan

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StPauliGirl said...

I have now watched this three times and, frankly, I just want to throw up, in part from sheer dizziness at the mellifluously malicious Doublespeak, and in part in sorrow.

He had me at "gross missed opportunity" since that so well describes his life and the damage caused by his influence. He has had so many opportunities to do good.

There is so much to analyze here, but I am left with an image of Fr. Hehir as, essentially, a holograph. There is no there there. It is as though he is watching a tornado rip through a densely-populated town and reports back on the shape and texture of the twister with not notice of the lives ruined in its wake. How lovely that detachment might be if only the debate had not involved something as darn difficult to obfuscate with abstractions as -- abortion. Ever as inconveniently as the slaves were to the slave traders and owners, and the Jews to the Germans, those bunch-of- cells fetuses are so annoyingly tangible.

Fr. Hehir is frighteningly adept at detaching himself from any real responsibility. Can he possibly believe his own words? God help him.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, and 2,000 people in St. Petersburg FL had to listen to his keynote speech at our Eucharistic Conference this past April. Bishop Lynch loves Hehir because he loves Carol Keehan too. He was on the board of the CHA.

You all stay strong in Boston...We're in this battle together..

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work. And please send this video out to others in the Catholic blogsphere.