Thursday, June 24, 2010

Provincetown Offering First Graders to High Schoolers Condoms and Confidentiality

At last a sanctuary for pedophiles.

Students in Provincetown — from elementary school to high school — will be able to get free condoms at school under a recently approved policy that takes effect this fall. The rule also requires school officials to keep student requests secret, and ignore parents’ objections.
“The intent is to protect kids,’’ said School Superintendent Beth Singer, who wrote the policy that the Cape Cod town’s School Committee unanimously passed two weeks ago. “We know that sexual experimentation is not limited to an age, so how does one put an age on it?’’

Don't worry though, if your first grader goes to the nurse to get the condom, she'll be asking questions before she decides whether to give it out. We all know children being raped by adults would never lie because they've been threatened would they.

“If that were to happen, we would deal with it in a professional and appropriate way,’’ she said. “I don’t anticipate that this policy is going to affect youngsters. It’s there for adolescents.’’


Don't the statutes for statutory rape cover adolescents?

Aren't school nurses mandatory reporters?

An investigation on whether the child is being sexually exploited falls to a couple of questions by a school nurse?

You know, I've never understood why these same adults don't hand out booze and drugs to kids if they ask for them. If they're asking for booze and drugs, they're going to do it anyway so why not give it to them safely?

They could put aside a couple of rooms at the school with padded walls and beds so licentious and criminal behavior can be supervised. They could do HIV testing before they let them in the room.

Don't they want these kids to have clean sheets, needles and crack spoons?

I see another Sacred Heart Heartbeat coming out of the closet article.

By the way, if you're a practicing Catholic who corrects the theological errors of school officials and receive death threats from the Catholic students, don't expect any calls or threats to cut off funding to the schools from Mary Grassa O'Neill.


Backlash causes Provincetown to reconsider loony policy.

The Provincetown school system is considering changing its controversial new policy of making free condoms available to all students, even younger elementary schoolers, the school board chairman said today.

“I guess the biggest thing [generating controversy] is that it’s for elementary school kids, but where do we draw the line?” said School Committee Chairman Peter Grosso.
You don't know where to draw the line?

You draw the line right at the front line of the school.

The age of consent in this state is 18 so anything younger than does not have the capacity to make judgments about whether they are consenting freely or being pressured, hoodwinked, used and exploited.

That is the purpose of the law.

Anybody less than 18 comes to a mandated reporter, you're obligated by law to drop the dime and report it to child protective services.

Creating a policy whereby mandated reporters are sidestepping law seems to me to be illegal.

Making schools places where children come to get condoms is about as dumb as making schools places where they go to get cigarettes, booze rolled joints and matches.

What right does this man have to arm a fifth grade boy with a condom so he can pressure a child to have sex with him?


Paul Shanley eat your heart out.


Anonymous said...

The world sure has changed. When I was in the first grade, I didn't know anything. Can you imagine what this does to the psyche of a child?

Woe to those who rob children of their innocence and rape their souls!


Anonymous said...

P-town is not a safe place for children. Never was.

Anonymous said...

Paul Shanley made what I think was a $300,000 bail when he was indited and went promptly to P-town. He is a folk hero to these people.