Thursday, June 24, 2010

Obama's Proabortion Puppet Priest Bryan Hehir at the Catholic Health Association Conference

A new post up on BryanHehirExposed has a very disturbing audio clip of Cardinal O'Malley's highest-ranking cabinet member stumping for the Obama proaborts led by Sister Carol Keehan.

I'm not even going to post any hints about what he said about baby killing millionaire "nun" Carol Keehan.   Go listen and for yourselves.

Here is a good piece of hooey from Cardinal O'Malley's Einstein in another part of his screed whoring himself for the proaborts and the culture of death:

Father Hehir quoted the late Jesuit Father John Courtney Murray in distinguishing between mistakes and errors. Father Murray said mistakes are “deficiencies of intelligence,” while errors are based on a “deficiency of good will…His point was not to assume mistakes are errors. His conclusion was that the Christian community is not in error, no matter how many mistakes are made.”

This man is a vulture.   It would would be better for him and his enablers if he were a pedophile.  

How he's gotten away with the complete destruction of the Roman Catholic religion in America is a testimony to the corruption inside of the Catholic Church. 

Father Hehir, said the debate was complicated by “a disturbing characteristic of the American political process — polarization that is both intellectual and political.”

You want to see polarizing pal, stick around.  Sean O'Malley may build you safety nets with help from the few "friends" he has left at the Vatican but in many ways, you've only just begun to see the whites of the eyes of Boston Catholics.

Speaking of which, when I came home tonight from a long day of work, there was a flurry of emails from Boston Catholics with links to a new Boston blog:

Boston Catholic Insider

Welcome to the Boston Catholic blogging network!

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That Boston Catholic Insider blog looks promising. Things are really starting to kick up here finally!